“To me, it makes no sense to have four playoff spots and then have five conferences.”

I’m a fan of Gary Patterson, both as a coach and as a generally decent guy.  But even he’s guilty of occasional bouts of self-interest, I suppose.

Even though TCU was left out of the inaugural College Football Playoff this season, Gary Patterson isn’t one of those people clamoring to see it go from four teams to eight teams.

Nope, he’d like to see it go to six teams.

In doing so, Patterson said the top two teams would get byes, and if the other leagues agreed to do away with their conference championship games, the current playoff schedule could stay intact, and there would be a representative from all Power 5 conferences, along with a true at-large team.

Er, um… wait a minute.  Isn’t the Big 12 the only one of the P5 conferences without a playoff?  Why insist on the other four changing?

Patterson’s rationale is the SEC is the only conference for which the championship game has been a big hit.

Oh.  Spoken like a man who’s been a head coach at the mid-major level most of his career.  And was the odd man out at CFP’s first dance.

Don’t get me wrong here.  I actually prefer the Big 12’s round robin format for producing a conference champ.  But the postseason is all about a money chase and the guys who created what we’ve got aren’t going down Patterson’s road.  If – ah, shit, when – the CFP expands, it’ll go straight to eight, because that pays better.

Have patience, Gary.  You’ll get there soon enough.


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12 responses to ““To me, it makes no sense to have four playoff spots and then have five conferences.”

  1. reipar

    Soon enough is the problem. Last year would not have been soon enough.


  2. Andrew

    Tangent: Patterson somehow gets a pass on hiding a coach retirement until the day after NSD. I don’t see how he’s even a generally decent guy. Just another d bag with a platform.


  3. Russ

    So how did the Big 12(?) do with their picking a champion this past season?


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Not good. Fans and the committee might’ve had some consideration for them if they’d had enough basic common sense to pick a single champ.


  4. heyberto

    Gary seems to miss the part where you don’t get a team (necessarily) from every conference. if you want to have conference champions play in the post season, then that’s a completely different argument. Granted, he would’ve gotten in if there had been a 5th team, but tying it to number of conferences is that blending of systems that makes no sense.


  5. Mayor

    Why should he have patience? He had the best team in the nation last season and got screwed out of just getting into the playoff. If TCU played tOSU 10 times TCU would win 7 or 8.


  6. Cojones

    Certainly he must have gotten the hint by now – play for a CC.

    Eight was the problem solver from the git-go. Wouldn’t it be a helluva note if we went to 6 and TCU and Baylor ranked 7th and 8th mainly because they didn’t play a CC? Woooeee, I smell the burn from here.


  7. FisheriesDawg

    As someone who was against going to a playoff to begin with, I’m actually starting to lean toward six being the long-term solution. We all know that it can’t stay at four when there are large conferences feeling they’re left out.

    Take it to six. Give each of the P5 champs an auto bid. If there is a G5 champ (or Notre Dame) within a certain threshold (say, top twelve) they get the sixth slot. If there’s no reasonable option otherwise, you begrudgingly default to a wild card.

    Top two seeds (presumably the two teams that would have played for the title under the BCS) get a bye to the bowl games. Three and four get to host a playoff game (proceeds go into a CFP fund to be split evenly so the teams with byes don’t get financially screwed). This takes place no more than two weeks before the Dec 31/Jan 1 playoff bowls so the bye actually benefits the top seeds. The top seeds also get the advantage of their fans having a couple of extra weeks to buy tickets and make travel plans.

    Yeah, you’re going to get some crap teams in the playoff (I’m looking at you, ACC), but this actually rewards the best teams more than the current playoff does. It also keeps every conference game vitally important as losing your division/conference likely eliminates you from the playoff. Unfortunately it turns nonconference games into exhibitions outside of seeding, but that’s going to be the case if we expand to eight anyway.


    • Cojones

      Ah. Go to 8 and heighten the chance for a second SEC team.


      • FisheriesDawg

        No way. It will likely be a division loser that is sitting at home while the team that beat them has to play an extra game. Think Florida 2012. That sucks.

        If you aren’t the best team in your conference, you have no business claiming a shot at being called the best team in the country.