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Another day, another hire

Looks like there’s another newly minted member of Georgia’s support staff.

In some ways, this isn’t your father’s Butts-Mehre anymore.



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Take back the offense!

Barrett Sallee is firmly convinced that the only way Mark Richt can undo the damage that will be caused by his unfortunate decision to hire Brian Schottenheimer (he gives it a “D+” grade; no other SEC coordinator hire is scored lower than a “C+”) would be to take back the reins as offensive coordinator.

No, really.

Former coordinator Mike Bobo earned the trust of head coach Mark Richt to become Georgia’s play-caller late in the 2006 season. If Richt doesn’t take it back, Georgia’s offense will take a step back under Schottenheiemer.

No word from Sallee on what else Richt can have Schottenheimer do for that $950,000/year he’s drawing down.  Suggestions?


UPDATE:  As reactions go, this seems a tad overwrought.


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“Recruiting creep” isn’t what you think it is.

There’s a pretty good story in today’s Washington Post about Rivals’ decision to add sixth-graders to its recruiting database.  As you can probably guess, there’s a somewhat sleazy commercial element to the move.

The NextGen Web site advertises the camp is “designed to discover and provide exposure for the country’s best middle school football players.” It vows to place the best performers at each camp in “our Future Five Star Newsletter,” which is distributed to “our network of college coaches and personnel directors.” It also promises “Elite Performers” the ultimate validation: a profile on Rivals.com.

Follow the chain: Rivals.com gains easy access to players, which it can use to entice fans to click on and subscribe to its content. NextGen and Williams receive the Rivals stamp of approval, which it can use to woo parents and earn a few more $99 entry fees. Parents gain the satisfaction of giving their children “exposure” to college coaches.

But the value of such exposure, those college coaches say, is null.

“It is all about exploiting these young people to say, ‘come here and get exposure to the coaches,’ so the kids have to pay money to go to these camps,” Edsall said. “You are not going to make a decision off of someone who is in the sixth grade.”

With all due respect to Edsall, let’s not forget that he has peers who have made offers to eighth-graders, which means all he’s getting his knickers in a wad over is a matter of timing.  But I agree that a coach who is evaluating sixth-graders is wasting his time.  And there aren’t many head coaches who have time like that to waste.

So, yeah, the real reason this is going on is monetary.  Rivals and NextGen aren’t quasi-pedophiles.  They just assume the source of their business is.  Recruiting creep is creepy.


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Five and done, with a twist

I’ve mocked one AD this morning for general dumbassery, so it only seems fair to praise another for coming up with something smart.  And this qualifies.

Man, this clicks on so many levels, I hardly know where to start.  It walks away from the stupidity of blanket freshman ineligibility and provides a brilliant incentive for high school athletes to put the effort in on their academics.

Alternatively, the five-year eligibility rule is one I think that college athletics is long past accepting.

Honestly, I can’t pick a hole in what Stricklin is suggesting.  It’s good for the coaches and it’s good for the kids.  Which means it’s got no chance, right?


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In the end, does 2015 come down to one thing?

Chris Low goes through all the pluses and minuses of Georgia’s chances of making one of the big six bowls this season, and it’s a pretty extensive list both ways that I doubt many would argue with.  The pluses outweigh the minuses, but, at the end, there is this:

Georgia’s undoing, more times than not, has been losing a game it had no business losing. See the Florida game a year ago.

We’ll see if the Dawgs can keep from falling into that trap in 2015.

Is that all it’s going to take to make us happy this time?


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‘Cocks clearing space

South Carolina, what in the wide, wide world of sports is going on?

Linebacker Marcquis Roberts will not be back with the South Carolina football team and is expected to transfer, according to a source with knowledge of the situation.

Roberts is the 10th scholarship player to leave the Gamecocks since the end of the 2014 season.

One of those is Mike Davis, who’s going pro, so that’s no big deal, but some of those others, like Roberts, who started six games last season, played.

Is there that much dead wood in Columbia the OBC needs to toss?  Or is there something else happening?


UPDATE:  Roster management.

I guess that’s part of what the NCAA means when you commit to a school, not the coach.


UPDATE #2:  Still goin’.


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Meanwhile, in Jacksonville

It looks like the Jaguars owner wants to build his own version of an IPF.  Of course, being the NFL, it’s got to be a little more than just that.

Yeah, that’s three tiers.  And it’s just part of what’s intended.

Speaking at at the Jaguars’ annual state of the franchise event, team owner Shad Khan and president Mark Lamping unveiled the construction plans aimed at revitalizing the Shipyards area, which spans about 48 acres of property owned by the city on the north bank of the St. Johns River. The project would bridge EverBank Field and the practice facility with the rest of the downtown area.

They have to get city approval, so it’s not happening tomorrow.  But assuming it gets greenlighted, you’d have to think there would be some construction interference with the Cocktail Party surroundings.

And then there’s this:

Included in the Shipyards plans are renovations to EverBank Field, which the Jaguars have occupied since it opened in 1995 as Jacksonville Municipal Stadium. Club seating renovations are planned and will reduce the stadium capacity by nearly 3,000 to 64,107, the team said.

Three thousand fewer tickets.  You wonder how Foley and McGarity would take that news.  Part of me thinks they’d be understandably upset.  Another part of me thinks they’d just use it as leverage to ask for a bigger check from the city to compensate for the inconvenience.


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Come fly with me.

Shorter Arizona AD Greg Byrne:  Before you talk about football players being exploited, don’t forget to count the money we spend flying all of our student-athletes to away games!

(h/t Andy Schwarz)  (Or to put it another way…)


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Wednesday morning buffet

A warm buffet for a cold morning.


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