Beyond their wildest dreams

South Carolina AD Ray Tanner predicts the SEC Network, in its first year of operation, will distribute at least $5 million dollars to each conference school.

To put that in perspective,

… back in 2013 (six years after the launch of the Big Ten Network), Big Ten schools received $7.6 million apiece from the network.

Enjoy those noon starts, SEC fans.  They ain’t going away any time soon.


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8 responses to “Beyond their wildest dreams

  1. Ted Deviasse

    My long sought answer as to when the SEC Network $$$’s arrive has been answered. Thank you for posting.


  2. SouthGaDawg

    “Why don’t we start an SEC game at 10am next year? That would be great!!!” said no one ever.


  3. Mayor

    $5 Million per school, eh? If there were 12 SEC schools splitting the money instead of 14 it would be just under $6 Million per school. And if it were split between 10 schools, the per school split would be $7 Million. Just sayin.’


  4. I want to know why the Big Ten is making more money than the SEC?!?!