“I told him, with all due respect, coach, that’s just how I do it.”

I just came across this Tracy Rocker story worth sharing.

Tracy Rocker sat in Mark Richt’s office, in the furthest corner of Georgia’s football facility, late last January. Rocker, then with the NFL’s Tennessee Titans, was interviewing for the vacant defensive line coach position in Athens, and he knew little about Richt. Namely, that the Georgia head coach, for all his stoicism, keeps a running monologue wherever he goes.

So, when Richt paused during the interview, suddenly deep in thought, and said, “Tracy Rocker…didn’t you coach Nick Fairley?”

Rocker shifted in his chair. He had, in fact, coached the dominant (and controversial) defensive tackle at Auburn in 2010. When Georgia visited Jordan-Hare Stadium that year, Fairley drew several personal fouls for spearing redshirt freshman quarterback Aaron Murray. Former Auburn assistant Trooper Taylor had to drag Fairley off the field in the fourth quarter.

“Yeah, I didn’t like that too much,” Richt continued.


Still, it didn’t keep him from getting the job.


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37 responses to ““I told him, with all due respect, coach, that’s just how I do it.”

  1. AusDawg85

    If only Rocker had responded, “You’re damn right I ordered the Code Red!”


  2. gastr1

    I must say, if he’s going to be coaching our players to be as dirty as Fairley was, I hope he finds another employer pretty quick.


  3. Jim

    I actually liked and pulled for auburn (except when playing us) right up until that game. Now they can’t lose enough to make me happy. Isn’t fairley in prison now or something?


  4. WF dawg

    Oh good! This gives me a second chance today to say how much I hate Auburn. Deeply, committedly, perhaps even irrationally. I don’t have any friends who are Auburn fans, and I aim to keep it that way.


    • I hate harvey updyke (the guy who poisoned the oak trees) because when I heard that it happened I felt sorry for auburn for like 30 seconds. I’ll never get that 30 seconds back and I’ll never forgive updyke for it.

      Is that irrational? Whose place is it to judge?


    • Slaw Dawg

      I don’t understand this notion of “irrationally” hating the Tiggers. Wouldn’t an irrational person, or at least an irrational Dawgfan, be one who doesn’t hate them every day and all the time?


  5. Russ

    Must have been his evil twin. Everybody knows Richt is much too passive to say something like this.


  6. Cojones

    Real easy to see what was a priority of Richt’s hiring of Rocker. Honesty and the lust for seeing a few UGA D Linemen dominate as Fairley did without being dirty.


  7. South FL Dawg

    I certainly hope that coaching style isn’t condoned in Athens. I get what the defensive guys try to do in general but sometimes they don’t know where to draw a line. It’s bad for the sport.


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    I only have one question: “Namely, that the Georgia head coach, for all his stoicism, keeps a running monologue wherever he goes.” What does this mean? That Richt goes around mumbling to himself?


  9. I used to look at AU as a friendly rival before that game. Now I hate those bastards. I have never before wished a player injured, but I sincerely hope Fairly suffers traumatic brain injury an spends the rest of his life defecating on himself. Harvey Updyke is a great American. I think he said the only thing he regrets about poisoning the trees is that he can’t do it again. Dude is awesome.


  10. Mayor

    The 2010 Auburn game was the day I lost respect for CMR. He just let Fairley get away with abusing Murray without doing anything. When the refs didn’t flag Fairley like they should have CMR should have ordered every OL to go after Fairley on every play until he was a broken mass of bloody flesh laying on the field–but he didn’t. Thank goodness for Ben Jones who had the guts at least to retaliate on his own, causing the Auburn coaches to pull Fairley from the game (cowards). If Jones hadn’t done that Murray’s career could very well have ended that night.


  11. Gurkha Dawg

    Even worse than the spearing was when that SOB Fairley had Murray pinned on the ground and was trying to push his facemask down on Murray’s neck. He could have crushed Murray’s trachea and killed him. If Murray wasn’t such a badass and fought him off he could have died. If Rocker thinks that is just football then he is a delusional asshole.


  12. Nashville West

    “But I said with all due respect…”- Ricky Bobby