Shoot, the messenger

I’m sorry, but I can’t help but chuckle about the hope some of you have that this time the schools are serious about academics in pursuing the pipe dream of reinstating freshman ineligibility for football and basketball players. Why is that funny?  Because it depends upon believing people like Jim Delany.  You know, the guy who once said we’d have a college football playoff over his dead body.  The guy who once said that if the NCAA lost the O’Bannon case, the Big Ten would have no choice but to explore turning to a Division III model.

A guy who’s full of shit when the need arises, in other words.

The thing is, he’s not even bothering to bluff this time.

“We’re sort of on the clock, is the way a lot of us look at it,” Delany said in a recent interview with the Big Ten Network. “We’ve got a lot of litigation challenging intercollegiate athletics, we’ve got congressional interest and we have public skepticism. What we want to do is drive the message that education is first, athletics is second, even though these are the two most popular sports commercially.”  [Emphasis added.]

Got that?  This isn’t about serious academic reform.  It’s about optics with the public and having a sales pitch for the courts and the feds.  That’s all.

Delany as the front man is pretty amusing, too, when you get down to it.

And yet Delany is also more responsible than any other college athletics figure of the past 30 years in commercializing those sports. He annexed Penn State in the early ’90s, touching off the first massive TV-driven realignment wave. He started the influential and money-printing Big Ten Network. He touched off Realignment Mania II five years ago when the league began hunting for a 12th member that eventually became Nebraska, and then he took it to another degree with his conference’s East Coast push.

You know what would really help Rutgers’ basketball players focus on academics? Not having to travel to Iowa City in the middle of the week for a conference game, as they did last week.

Ah, c’mon.  They could always study on the plane, right?


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11 responses to “Shoot, the messenger

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    At some point in the not-too-distant future, feather merchants like Delany, and I don’t mean to single him out, because all the big voices, the big machers in college sports are pretty much the same, these people will realize one morning as they are driven to work that they have killed the love of the game (s) and thus the game (s).

    I hope that somewhere in a a quiet corner of the room there are folks who don’t say much, but realize at some point the Delanys have to be expunged in order for this to survive. I just hope they are not too late.

    I am really getting tired of asking this question, but do the Delanys think people actually believe this bullshit.

    From my point of view, as a lifelong college football fan, this kind of public double talk by the powers that be is as smutty, as dirty, as unclean as Joe Paterno doing nothing at Penn State.


    • I am really getting tired of asking this question, but do the Delanys think people actually believe this bullshit.

      Some fans still buy into the romance and do.

      The pols and judges are being offered the narrative as a fig leaf to justify giving big time college athletics what it wants. Just because it’s a means to an end for some doesn’t mean they have to believe it’s true.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        So when Delany tells a self-serving lie, as long as the lie is useful to some of his public, then that’s ok. Oh. Now I understand. 🙂


  2. AusDawg85

    Maybe you could add a Doomsday clock to GTP for the day when you are ready to walk away. You could set it, or go with a periodic reader poll. This discussion certainly accelerates it by a few ticks I imagine.


  3. Hogbody Spradlin

    Ah, nothing evokes the image of basic midwestern values like Rutgers.


  4. Ben

    If people were sour about this season, imagine how sour they’d be in a time of freshman ineligibility. We’d have been circling the drain right around the Mizzou game.


    • that’s pretty funny, I don’t think it would affect us too much, Chubb, Blaze, Carter have pretty darn good grades. I’m sure most Fr. can keep a 2.5 GPA. whether or not they choose to is a different story. I bet they make sure they have the grades, If I want to play bad enough, I make sure I have the grades


  5. Monday Night Frotteur

    Lol, they aren’t even professional enough to sell the pretense. Wallace Loh’s comment was similarly blatant in showing this is just a Hail Mary litigation (and perhaps lobbying) strategy. The administrative leeches are VERY scared right now.


  6. Cojones

    Through the years, Delany has been my favorite object of disaffection in cfb. While BBall isn’t as high on the list for various reasons, Delany’s grouping of them for his drive to punish the bad ole NBA for providing a quick place for kids to begin earning a living comes with his territory. Perhaps his anger is focused on “lawyers and politicians” who are eroding his and the NCAA’s firm grip on the testicles of youth experiencing their first time totally away from home and whose lives he has had an affect on that he wishes to keep trumped as “their great opportunity” vis-a-vis collegiate sports scholarships and the amateurism that makes millions.

    That house of cards is crumbling while he scurries about inventing new ways to drive the fear-of-Delany and the controlling NCAA back into their hearts. Before more young minds can succumb to the allure of “How ya’ goin’ to get’em back on the farm after they’ve seen … “, he and his “fellow” commissioners from the Big and Pac 12 are trying to make the herd nervous while they hold a plastic fake gun in the air threatening to stampede if they don’t get their way and “just discuss it”. Nah, Delany, this ain’t gonna work into the hearts and minds of others over the period you wish to project before your next Big meeting.

    Instead, that pesky fan base in that odious part of the country that you currently are regaling with laughter because they win too much under a system that you have helped create are being led by those pesky “lawyers and politicians” to see the lights of Paris without having been subjugated by your system and frightened into a corner. Their dim little lightbulbs that you have enjoyed playing “Poke the Bear” with for so long are not taking anything you say as serious nor helpful to student athletes due to efforts by the likes of a self-imposed politician who hosts a blog down here that’s helping them to see the light and they get the picture.

    And he is regaling them with facts and articles that pry open their unseeing and delusional minds to embrace shit they never wanted to embrace and whose minds independently open slowly in a drip-by-drip embrace of amateurism’s false side. This self-appointed Senator has done more to poke your bear than any Southern politician who has ever lowered the cannon at your “Nawth-speak”. He has nonjuring minds independently thinking about your blathering threats because he is helping them to connect dots that even you are unaware. The hits on this subject climb slowly because the independent mind refuses to be stampeded. But he is getting there. His hand is reaching for your shoulder now, as we blog. I’m beginning to think he’s gonna get’cha by the shorthairs even though most of us are too ignorant to stay on point with him as he does so. But I’m pretty sure he’s gonna git ya.

    By the way, he’s the guy who feeds the puppies in the kennel each morning and that you see jumping up and down in frenetic anticipation waving UGA flags. Some have lineage papers from a long line of English Bulldogs while others are just mutts; all of whom see nothing but the greatness of their school’s participation and exploits in cfb, but increasingly through the eyes of a legal eagle.


  7. Ahh, the fox and the chicken house.

    Heard it before and it’s here again.