The rise of Jordan Jenkins?

If there’s a roster position that should warm the cockles of your red and black heart, it’s outside linebacker, where, barring injuries (not an insignificant concern, given Floyd and Bellamy look to be limited in the spring), there should be an abundance of riches.

But what should really make your heart palpitate is that it sounds like Jordan Jenkins looks to be stepping up his game.

Is this going to be Jenkins’ team?
Reports from winter workouts have already been that Jordan Jenkins is stepping up as a senior and leading these Bulldogs, not just at outside linebacker or on defense. He is developing that type of presence for the entire team. And while that doesn’t sound out of character at all for a high-character guy Jenkins, it shouldn’t be overlooked, because Georgia’s defense really hasn’t had that kind of vocal, lightning-rod, clear leader since Jarvis Jones left early for the NFL. Most of that has come from the offensive side of the football, and while you will have an experienced offensive line and Malcolm Mitchell back at receiver, quarterback, tailback, tight end and other roles look to be filled by relatively young players in 2015. If there is one guy you’d point to as a team-wide leader, it just might be Jenkins.

He’s always been a sharp kid, but there’s been a sense on occasion that he hasn’t pushed himself to the best of his abilities.  If he’s ready to take on a leadership role on in a serious way, that tells me he’s matured.  And that could be really exciting to watch.

That’s your Dawg porn for today, folks.


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14 responses to “The rise of Jordan Jenkins?

  1. Mg4life0331

    Yeah after he admitted not working as hard as he needed to during the off season, I’ll just wait and see.


    • 904Biscuit

      From what I’ve read, Jenkins was just being hard on himself for not putting up the type of numbers everyone was predicting he’d post. So, I believe that comment about not working hard enough had more to do with that than his actual work ethic.

      That being said, I think I’d prefer it if he didn’t work as hard as he should’ve last year. To me, that’s a little easier to fix than just not performing at no fault to his work ethic. If a last chance at a MM dollar paycheck at the end of the year doesn’t motivate him then I don’t know what would.

      He’s obviously an extremely talented football player who, for one reason or another, didn’t earn the numbers that were expected of him. As a dawg fan I can only hope last years results actually help push him to a whole new level of working hard in the weight room, practice field, and film room. If it does, I really don’t see a reason why he shouldn’t be a truly dominant player. So, for my viewing pleasure and for his first NFL paycheck, here’s to hoping that scenario comes to fruition!


    • Read the full context of what he said about not working as hard as he needed. He stated that after his freshman year when everything came so easy to him he didn’t understand how hard he needed to work. It wasn’t him being lazy or anything of the sort. He learned that without Jarvis on the other side that he had more work to do and corrected it. Also he put on a lot of weight for the style and desires of what Grantham wanted out of him. Then in came Pruitt who wanted him to slim back down. He has put in the work and will be a force this year. He is a DGD.


  2. ScoutDawg

    Now, all I need is some lube…


  3. Comin' Down The Track

    Only 191 days…


  4. Macallanlover

    After that spectacular year as a freshman, yes, he was the lesser of two evils as a disrupter, we have all thought the next season would be his time to shine. Maybe, just maybe, his contract motivation will make it so. As a pass rushing group we will be hard to handle in 2015, if we get some run stoppers inside the offense will not have to be that prolific. Just getting butter and butter.


  5. Jack

    Ill say this though… will not find a nicer more likeable guy on the team!!


  6. Dog in Fla

    Release the Jenkins!


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    How you gonna keep a stud like Lorenzo Carter off the field? Seems to me its between Floyd and Jenkins for the other OLB spot, unless one of them moves inside.


  8. revdawg

    He comes from a military family so I imagine his definition of “working hard” comes from his father and is different thn many other players.