Raises for everybody!

Dan Mullen has a lifetime winning percentage of .597.  He has never won a division title, let alone a conference title.

His pay bump was just announced.  Mullen’s financial package will be $4 million this season and will average $4.275 million over the next four years.

At about $7 million a year, Nick Saban is starting to look like a bargain.  The weird thing is, at this rate, pretty soon Mark Richt is going to look like a bargain.




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20 responses to “Raises for everybody!

  1. gastr1

    It’s not easy pulling a .597 record in StarkVegas.


  2. Coondawg

    When USC hired Lane Kiffin I figured it really didn’t matter what your past winning percentage was or your “grinding a football organization into the ground” percentage is…..someone will think your the fashizzle and throw some cash at you. Heck, look no further than Charlie Weis!
    I hope I used and spelled fashizzle correctly.


  3. LorenzoDawgriquez

    Does anyone out there see an end to all this $$$?


  4. Is there an end? Yes. College football is already experiencing an attendance decline. Many of those folks watch on tv which is profitable, but not the same as butts in the seats. Especially, when many of the same are balking at the ever increasing price of pay TV. ESPN eventually won’t have the same bankroll they have by today by getting a stipend from every cable subscriber in the US – regardless of their interest in ESPN.

    I, and many I know, no longer pay the price to watch football riddled with ads. I’m willing to pay ESPN or the advertisers – not both. I watch a few AU games if I have time. Otherwise, I generally do the things I did as a kid, hunt, fish, surf, play with (my) kids and listen on the radio if available.

    Also, as the NCAA becomes the NFL, fewer and fewer will develop or maintain their interest in CFB once they leave campus. Ask NASCAR how the complete monetization of a sport is working out for them.

    I still love Auburn and enjoy the rivalries, but that goose has been getting cooked for so long there’s little fat left to enjoy.


  5. Somebody pointed out on Twitter that with the latest round of raises, one school in the SEC West is guaranteed to be paying their coach $4 million for a last place finish.


  6. Bright Idea

    I don’t see younger fans and alumni developing the love of the school, team and game like the old timers have. They ain’t gonna’ pay to sit in the stadium or sit still to watch on TV without a big, crowded drinking party going on around them. Add in the lawyers and educators killing the actual game on the field money will ultimately become a problem but some school will have to yell “uncle” and be the first to try to rein it back in.


  7. DawgPhan

    Dont worry guys…spring will be here soon and you can go back to yelling at the neighbor kids to get off your lawn.

    Sure you can’t see a newsreel for a nickel at the shore, but that new Avengers movie was pretty movie.