“Todd doesn’t mess around.”

If you knew Gurley like Aaron Murray knows Gurley


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11 responses to ““Todd doesn’t mess around.”

  1. AusDawg85

    Not cashing those two players in for a championship will be the biggest disappointment I’ll have for UGA for a loooooong time.


  2. Bulldawg165

    On one hand, I hope he still goes early cause I don’t want him to miss out on those extra benjamins. On the other hand, if he goes late in the first round he’ll likely be on a much better team.

    The dude is good enough to start day 1 IMO if he’s healthy


  3. Rebar

    Two damn good dawgs!


  4. Derek

    Generally if you take a RB in the top-5 of the draft you are a fool (ya hear me browns taking Trent Richardson at 3 WTF?!!) but Todd is special. Injury issues aside, he’s a better NFL prospect than #34 in my humble opinion. Todd is Marshawn Lynch with a greater top end and quicker feet. Everybody who passes on him will regret it.


    • Lakatos Intolerant

      I concur. He strikes me as the type of guy who will learn to run smart (when he should) and extend his career. Even with the high ankle, acl, etc, he still doesn’t have a ton of mileage. Freakish body and athlete combined with his drive ought to lead to a quick/full recovery. Some team is going to be very happy slotting him into the starting role day one


      • siskey

        I hope he goes in the 2d rd to team on the rise. That way he can sign a bigger deal a year sooner than if he’s drafted at the end of the first rd.


  5. he looks good in red…… how is he positioned to get drafted by the Falcons? They just let Jackson go, Seems like a good time to bring in some local talent but it has always seemed to me Atlanta doesn’t seem to see the benefit in bringing in local rookies.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I hope he doesn’t land with the falcons. In the 33 adult years I’ve lived in the atl burbs I’ve seen most everything falcons touch turn to shit. I quit going back in the 90’s. No offensive line and no D – how’s that working for ya Blank?