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2015 SEC Media Days schedule

It’s out.  Richt appears on the last day, sandwiched between Miles and Freeze.

I wonder who picks up the check when they go out for drinks afterwards.

Seriously, I’ll be curious to see what this year’s burning issue is.  There’s no telling.  In fact, it may not even exist yet.



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“I see a lot of John Mackovic in Patterson.”

It’s coming from Chip Brown, who’s certainly had his share of misses over the years, so take it with a grain of salt, but I can’t say I’m surprised to hear that the biggest asshole in college athletics is rubbing some of Texas’ big donors the wrong way.  (h/t)


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One thought about the ILBs

Seth Emerson takes a pre-spring look at the inside linebacking situation.

There are a lot of moving parts there, as you might expect, given the departures of Herrera and Wilson, but a big thing the coaches need to do is find at least one ILB who can play in pass coverage on third down.  That’s been an area of weakness for quite some time.

Roquan Smith looks like he has the athleticism for the job, but whether that’s enough to see the field is something we won’t know for a while.  Any other candidates you can suggest?


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“Because it appears that the university was right.”

I tell you what – there are days when I read shit like this and shake my head.  For me, sometimes the wonder isn’t so much that many cases of on-campus sexual assault involving student-athletes aren’t properly resolved, as it is that the victims are willing to report them in the first place.  (At least the basketball players in question were kicked off the team and out of school.)

Oh, and the punchline in this particular case?

UO public records officer Lisa Thornton in an email cited the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, attorney-client privilege and “applicable exemptions and exclusions from the Oregon Public Records law” as reasons for the redactions.

FERPA giveth and FERPA taketh away.  Convenient for the schools, anyway.


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SEC Spring football notes

The SEC has helpfully published a list of all the relevant dates for each conference school’s spring practice schedule here.  Georgia is one of the later starters (darn it!), but also one of the earlier finishers, so the schedule appears more compact than most.

Texas A&M started spring practice yesterday and you can read a preview here.  John Chavis is obviously the big news.

And Ole Miss starts today.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see how the Chad Kelly (“who will wear Eli Manning’s No. 10, a bold choice”) story plays out.



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They are not alone.

As part of his “Spring football: 10 burning questions” national piece, Mark Schlabach writes that one of those is Georgia’s quarterback situation, but also notes that the Dawgs have company:

Six of the teams that finished in the top 10 of the final Associated Press top 25 poll in 2014 — Oregon, Alabama, Florida State, Baylor, Georgia and UCLA — will have new quarterbacks this coming season.

Of course, most of those other teams aren’t breaking in new offensive coordinators as well.  But none of those other teams have Nick Chubb as a security blanket, either.


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“I am standing with you all.”

If you haven’t read Chris Conley’s remarkable farewell letter, take a minute to do so.  After all, he wrote it to you.

Calling him a Damn Good Dawg almost doesn’t do him justice.


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