One thought about the ILBs

Seth Emerson takes a pre-spring look at the inside linebacking situation.

There are a lot of moving parts there, as you might expect, given the departures of Herrera and Wilson, but a big thing the coaches need to do is find at least one ILB who can play in pass coverage on third down.  That’s been an area of weakness for quite some time.

Roquan Smith looks like he has the athleticism for the job, but whether that’s enough to see the field is something we won’t know for a while.  Any other candidates you can suggest?


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13 responses to “One thought about the ILBs

  1. I was a little surprised when I watched Amaechi’s highlight tape, given that we were recruiting him as ILB:

    Looks like he played primarily OLB or as an edge rusher in JUCO. From watching him tho, he definitely has loads of athletic ability, and good length too. He could be a poor man’s Ogletree in coverage (and I mean that as a compliment).


  2. Gravidy

    My thought all along is that they would end up moving someone over from outside linebacker. It sure does seem like they have more talent than available snaps.


  3. Dawg in Austin

    Both Ganus and Amaechi have the hip turn and coverage recognition skills on tape that would lead me to believe they could handle coverage from the ILB spot. Ganus played Safety and Nickel early on at UAB, so he has actual coverage experience. All depends on how well they pick up scheme and responsibilities.


  4. Roquan will get covered up by SEC OL and TEs.


  5. Foskey

    Reggie Carter and Kimbrough both have better speed than Wilson and Herrera. I think you will see Carter do well in coverage downfield on tight ends or back.


  6. Mondo

    Floyd seems a natural fit, given what Pruitt was doing with him at the star position last year. Also gets him on the field with Jenkins and Carter.


    • Dawg0572

      Floyd is a good athlete but I don’t see him being the guy here….too lean and lanky….but maybe.


  7. Argondawg

    I can see Roquan there eventually but at 205-210 he is not gonna be able to hold the middle. Why not cross train Jenkins in there?


    • He is very light at this point, but he’ll be up to 210 or 215 by the start of the season. I normally don’t like small LBs, but this kid is pretty damn explosive. Watch film; he’s the exception to the general rule.


  8. Andrew

    Floyd, Jenkins and Lorenzo will be on the field together on 3rd down


  9. joe

    Ganus is going to be all-SEC. I think people are going to be shocked how good he is.