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Breaking spring

It’s that time of year.

Spring break begins on Friday. So there’s a team meeting Thursday to remind players about staying out of trouble. Richt was asked about his spring break memories when he played at Miami, which is near Fort Lauderdale. Richt remembered a teammate who was from Fort Lauderdale.

“He knew the ropes,” Richt said. “That’s as far as I’ll go.”

Be nervous.



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Summer means fun.

So much for settling things at the quarterback position soon.

Maybe I’m reading too much into that, but my first thought is that Ramsey isn’t the clear leader at #1 many people believe he is.


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My, how things have changed, part two.

Georgia special teams to ESPN:  You like us!  You really, really like us!


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“It’s an edge. Everybody wants to be Bill Belichick, I guess.”

Oh, the games coaches play, yeah.


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My, how things have changed.

I had to look twice to make sure, but, yep, ESPN ranks Georgia’s secondary second in the conference going into spring practice.

2. Georgia: After LSU, this unit was the SEC’s best in limiting opponents through the air (170.3 passing yards allowed per game). The good news for Jeremy Pruitt is that not only does he have quite a few options in the secondary, most of them have experience. Dominick Sanders, who shined as a freshman, returns; so do fellow safeties Quincy Mauger and Corey Moore, who started seven games and six games, respectively. All the cornerbacks on the two-deep return. With Damian Swann’s departure, a new leader needs to be established, but overall, this is a good group.

I’m not sure how much of that is a reflection of respect for Pruitt’s coaching and how much of it may be due to overall weakness in the conference in the defensive backfield, but in any event, it’s been a while since anybody’s suggested the Dawgs are at least an upper level team in that regard.


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Name that caption, Glo’d up edition

Shit’s gettin’ real for Coach Richt, seen here with some 2016 recruits.

Comments, as always.


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Hook ’em, Horns, indeed.

On the surface, this doesn’t sound unusual.

Getting the best seats for University of Texas sporting events will be based on a new loyalty points system tied to how much a fan donates or spends on tickets.

“Big deal”, you say.  “What’s so new about that?”

The devil’s in the details.

How is the Loyalty Points program different from the previous priority system?
Previously, priority was based on your current year’s annual giving and the sport specific program (i.e., season tickets in football, basketball, baseball). Loyalty Points looks at cumulative giving, as well as your current annual contribution.

In other words, you want the perks with your football season tickets?  Then you’d best be prepared to pony up in some other sports, too.  ‘Cause those perks aren’t insignificant.

How will Loyalty Points be applied to parking, AT&T Red River Showdown tickets, post-season tickets, etc.?
Loyalty Point rank will determine the order in which season ticket members select or are assigned locations for parking, AT&T Red River Showdown tickets, post-season tickets, etc

I’ve got the feeling this is an experiment that will be watched by plenty of other ADs at football oriented schools to see if it encourages the fan base to dig a little deeper into their wallets.  These days, it’s all about the loyalty, y’all.


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“Institutional autonomy should reign.”

Well, maybe not so much when it comes to pedophilia, but academics?  Hells, yeah!

If you really want to get a handle on how cramped this approach is, check out this baby step:

McDavis said in a recent interview with The Associated Press the committee has already agreed that any time a coach or paid member of the school’s athletic staff is involved in an academic-misconduct case the NCAA should be involved.

‘Ya think?

Too bad nobody’s paying players to work hard in the classroom.  The NCAA would be all over that shit in a New York minute.


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