Truth in advertising

Louisville has a commitment from a 6’3″ defensive lineman out of Carver Columbus who weighs 402 pounds and sports the nickname “Big Snack”.

Good think the NCAA loosened up the training table rules.


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10 responses to “Truth in advertising

  1. pete

    There was no need to circle him on the video prior to the play…it was obvious which player had been ‘snacking’…


  2. Big, overweight defensive lineman – he’ll fit right into Towel Boy’s scheme


  3. His hudl video says he’s at 340lbs. I just find it funny that there’s a 62lb discrepancy.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    My sources in Louvulle tell me Harley is building a special trike for this guy…rear end assembly is outa a military 6X6. The Bobbster loves it, can carry five special assistants on the thing. Get yer motor running, there, babies.


  5. He will fit in well with CTGs defense, at that size he will be totally gassed by the 4th quarter.


  6. Dog in Fla

    Big Snack is clearly in need of an auxillary heart in case his primary one overloads