“Auburn has upgraded in a way that will make it a nightmare for opposing coaches.”

I like Ian Boyd’s work a lot, but this strikes me as a wee bit over the top:

How will Nick Saban find time to sleep when he’s going up against a head coach who will pore over Alabama game film to coordinate a tempo attack combined with a defensive staff that will rigorously scout the Tide offense?

Goodness, gracious.  How, indeed?

I’m not knocking Boom’s skill as a defensive coordinator.  He’s got an established track record.  But it’s not as if Ellis Johnson was a complete putz.  What Muschamp is likely to have that Johnson didn’t isn’t coaching chops.  It’s better players.

There are seldom quick answers for teams that lack playmakers. However, personnel acquisition is a particular strength of Muschamp’s.

One of the most important parts of the deal was Auburn securing the services of the Gators’ ace recruiter, Travaris Robinson. This paid immediate dividends, with T-Rob adding the following Floridian defensive backs right before Signing Day:

  • Tim Irvin, 5’9, 194: A fierce Miami DB with play comparable to similarly sized Muschamp safeties of the past, Matt Elam and Earl Thomas. Irvin is also an early enrollee.
  • Carlton Davis, 6’2, 184: Another Miami kid whose lanky frame and range could allow him to be a cover 3 corner or a safety.
  • Jeremiah Dinson: 5’11, 180: The third Miami kid who brings the region’s typical blend of elite athleticism, developed ability, and willingness to mix it up.
  • Javarius Davis: 5’10, 173: A blazing fast athlete from Jacksonville whom Robinson intends to mold into a cover corner.

Perhaps most importantly, Muschamp was able to bring Florida pass rushers in No. 1-rated defensive end Byron Cowart and Jeffery Holland. Cowart figures to serve as the buck end/linebacker hybrid. Holland may serve there or as the strongside linebacker who often has a similar purpose.

Yeah, that’ll make a difference.


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7 responses to ““Auburn has upgraded in a way that will make it a nightmare for opposing coaches.”

  1. Ken r. Bussey

    Ellis Johnson is so smart that he doubled down on Cooper twice the entire game and got scorched for ridiculous yards. Are you for real?


    • Did you see the players he had at his disposal last season? Auburn’s secondary sucked. Big time.

      Couple that with a complete lack of a pass rush and it really wouldn’t have mattered if he’d triple-teamed Cooper.

      BTW, Alabama gained 133 more yards on Florida’s defense than on Auburn’s last season.


      • JT

        “BTW, Alabama gained 133 more yards on Florida’s defense than on Auburn’s last season.”

        This – And he had much better DB’s and defense in general at Florida…


  2. Spike

    Maybe it’s just me. But I just don’t understand all the love for Muschamp. A competent DC perhaps, but nothing more. And his personality.. Wow..


  3. JT

    Well we didn’t do too badly against Agent Muschamp while he was the DC at the barn’ or HC in Gatorland. He had some pretty elite athletes while he was there. I am sure Saban is shaking in his shoes wondering how all those stockpiled 5 stars are going to be able to handle them…I agree the article was a wee bit over the top…


    • Agree about the Barn – we lit his defenses up on the Plains.

      We had challenges generating a lot of points against his defenses at UF. He definitely had better talent to work with in Gainesville.


  4. W Cobb Dawg

    Maybe Boom will finally be the ticket. Then again, haven’t all of aubies DC’s of late been considered above average: Chizik/Roof, Chizik/Van Gorder, Johnson, etc.