Everybody’s got questions.

I don’t think that those of you who believe Georgia should emulate Alabama more had this in mind:

… here are three teams from the SEC that have the most work to do between now and the end of spring practice:

Alabama: Alabama is near the top of many preseason top 25 polls for two primary reasons: talent and coaching. The fact that Nick Saban is among the best coaches in college football is undebatable. The fact that he and his staff sign the best high school prospects is unquestioned. But while those things are extremely valuable, they’re far from the entire equation. No, the bell cow of the SEC faces more than its fair share of questions this spring. No one knows who the starting quarterback will be. Derrick Henry is enormous and quite talented, but he’s never had to be a feature back before. Absent Amari Cooper, it’s hard to say what the receiving corps will look like. And that’s just the offense, never mind a defense that’s struggling to find its identity after ending last season on a poor note. The secondary is one giant mystery without Landon Collins and the linebackers are without their leader in veteran Trey DePriest. In all, 13 starters must be replaced. To get back to the national championship, it’s going to take a new cast of characters and likely a new identity, one that must be forged early in the offseason so it has time to take root.

There is a certain ring of familiarity there, eh?

Don’t cry for Nick Saban, SEC fans.  Somehow, I expect he’ll muddle through.


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7 responses to “Everybody’s got questions.

  1. JT

    I think we thump them in Athens town this year…


  2. Dawg in Beaumont

    I hope the media does the right thing with the Jonathan Taylor situation over there. I truly think it’s important to not let that story simply die down. It’s really absurd that Saban took a player who beat the hell out of his girlfriend.

    There was an initial backlash but I worry that it will be largely forgotten by the start of the season. This is light years worse than the thieves and potheads Auburn has taken over the years.


    • That was just a toe stubber…slow down.
      Chuck Conley, Taylor’s coach at Jenkins County High School. “He has obviously stubbed his toe. Let’s let the dust settle a bit, but that kid is distraught and tore up about everything. The track record doesn’t speak highly of him, but he’s not a bad person. He’s a good person. I trust him with my life.”


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    “Derrick Henry is enormous and quite talented, but he’s never had to be a feature back before.”

    WTF does that even mean?


    • pete

      Seriously. The Dawg D will have to figure a way to stop that beast for about 30 carries…unless ‘The Kitten’ forgets about him the way he did against Ohio St. He put the game in Sims’ hands and Henry averaged over 7yds per 13 carries.


      • 69Dawg

        Agent Kiffin did his job well. His instructions were and are to stop what Alabama has working on offense. He’s better at that than most defenses they will face.


  4. AusDawg85

    They’ve got Kiffen.