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It may not be the Masters…

… but if you can’t make it to Augusta, there’s always this.

Remember – you can’t truly judge a coaching staff decision about a starting quarterback without seeing a G-Day performance first.



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Ooo, ooo, that smell

Good on ‘ya, Dawgnation.


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Pay for play isn’t socialism.

But states giving schools money so that they can pay for cost of attendance stipends to aid in recruiting is.  (h/t)


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Always be closing.

Sigh.  Dude, why you gotta bring that up?

That’s sort of like saying a fourteen-team conference has his full support.


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Bulldog blues

Man, yesterday was a rough day to be a live bulldog mascot.  Try these headers on for size:

Anybody check on how Uga’s spring break is going?  Just sayin’.


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Back to the “One True Champion” board

After being humiliated last season, Bob Bowlsby’s group decides to go with the common sense route.

It is too late to help Baylor, but the Big 12 athletic directors want one true champion to be more than just a slogan next season.

The conference ADs said Thursday they are in favor of using a head-to-head tiebreaker to determine their College Football Playoff participant after co-champions TCU and Baylor were skipped over by the selection committee last season.

When that approach flops, maybe they can just outsource the naming of a conference champ directly to the CFP selection committee.


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The SEC’s new commissioner: bidness as usual

In picking Mike Slive’s number two man, the conference presidents have embraced “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.  Hell, even if it’s breaking, don’t fix it.

At the Ed O’Bannon trial last summer, Sankey was an NCAA witness called to defend college sports’ current model. The NCAA lost the case and is appealing the decision, which includes allowing football and men’s basketball players to be paid about $5,000 per year. Sankey reportedly became emotional on the stand while telling the judge a story about his baseball coach and a life lesson learned when Sankey was not in the lineup.

Sankey testified that paying athletes would have far-reaching ramifications and that the incentive for players to stay in school and graduate would be weakened if they’re paid. “It has great potential to take away from the academic core,” Sankey testified. “There’s no attachment to the education of the student like there is with a scholarship.”

Sankey described four other potential problems of paying players for use of their names, images and likenesses:

• Colleges could recruit players away from other schools

• Overzealous fans could disguise payments to athletes as being for use of their name, image or likeness

• Teams that don’t offer payments would be more hesitant to play teams that do

• The divide between college athletes and the general student body would continue to grow

Well, at least the SEC has plenty of money coming in to pay for the judgments.  Besides, for the presidents, this is probably Sankey’s more important job qualification:

Sankey is currently chairman of the NCAA Division I Committee on Infractions. One of the biggest reasons the SEC won seven straight national titles in football was that it avoided major NCAA penalties that could have hurt championship contenders.

Hire a former NCAA compliance officer to help Sankey out and the conference ought to be set.


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If anybody knows offense, it’s Will Muschamp.

Okay, okay, his Gators may not have had any, but Boom knows when he’s in the presence of a real master.

“The last nine years that he’s been in college football, he’s had the No. 1 offense in the country,” Muschamp said last month.

That’ll come as surprising news in many places.


UPDATE:  Oh, and about that Florida offense?  Regrets, sure, Boom’s got a few.


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