Actions speak louder than words.

And the words themselves are pretty loud.

“I just honestly want to do what’s best for my health,” Borland told “Outside the Lines.” “From what I’ve researched and what I’ve experienced, I don’t think it’s worth the risk.”

You wonder if Borland’s decision to retire in the face of concussion concerns does more to move the debate than the years of studies and untimely deaths have.  It’s one thing for people outside the game, including retired players, to have doubts.  It’s another to watch the talent walk away.


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13 responses to “Actions speak louder than words.

  1. Gurkha Dawg

    Sounds like he made a well informed and unemotional decision. Very sharp young man who will stay that way. Best of luck.


  2. Will we be able to fill up our 80,000 plus seat stadia in 15 years when we are all playing a modified version of rugby?


    • I’m keeping my fingers crossed for better helmet and concussion detection technology.


    • AusDawg85

      Probably be watching robots controlled by “players” with a game console. The NCAA will, of course, see to protect the integrity of the amatuer robots by not permitting certain benefits to be afforded to them.

      CFP sponsored by Honda / Dell / Oracle / Google.


    • Doggoned

      Ruby has its own concussion issues.


    • Russ

      I think not. This is a serious issue, and the little leagues are going to dry up because of it. And it’s not just concussions. Some of these documented cases of brain damage had no documented concussions. The possibility is that repeated non-concussive blows to the head cause just as much damage.

      Between this issue, CFP whoring itself out for every last dollar, and ESPN oversaturation, I just don’t see the sport I love continuing. There will be something called football, but it won’t be what I grew up loving.


      • OhioDawg

        It certainly won’t be after the “No running rule” is introduced to eliminate high-speed collisions and violent impact. The game will be played with the same strategy and rules, but everyone will be speed walking. 😉



    Everyone should have the choice whether to play or not. Many professions have dangers and if the return ($$$) isn’t enough to cover that danger then there will be a shortage of participants. He should be able to make that decision for himself….but not for anyone else. Risk and return……


    • Gurkha Dawg

      Just saw a Fox story on Borland. One statement shocked me. The average life expectancy for an NFL player is 20 years less than the average american male. WTF! I guess many things can contribute to this : High risk life style, weight gain damage to heart, concussions, and more that I’m not thinking of. But still- holy shit!