As spring practice gets underway, who rubs off on whom?

I won’t say it’s the biggest question of the spring, but it’s the most intriguing one to me:

Richt and Schotty have said multiple times that the offense won’t change much at all, but we’ll begin to see how much of that is coach speak and how much is true when spring practice starts today.

We all know Richt’s criteria in making the hire to replace Bobo, but there’s also this comment.

“If the staff doesn’t change at all, you’re still going to visit somebody to learn new ideas to stay on top of what’s going on out there,” Richt said. “When you change staff, then you have guys that live in house who maybe you would go visit, so you have that chance to exchange ideas and have it all come together to where it makes the most sense for us.”

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.  But it does make me wonder if Schottenheimer puts more of his mark on the offense than we might have otherwise expected.  And, of course, what that leads to.  Stay tuned.


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  1. heyberto

    Like I think I’ve mentioned before.. I think Shotty will get a mulligan this year not because he’s new… But we’ll be breaking in a new QB… At least one that doesn’t have a lot of years as a backup. So that’s going to give Shotty something of a pass. In other words… We win 8-9 games, he’ll have an excuse that has little to do with his play calling. I think the new QB will be asked to do more than Mason did just from a development perspective. I expect Chubb will keep us in games and if our D can actually bail us out on occasion, a developing QB may not matter.


    • Kiffin did pretty well in his first year with a new quarterback. I think we’ve got at least 2 qb’s more talented than Blake Sims. The major concern for this team is center. If that position gets set, barring injuries, we’ll be pretty good.


      • 3rdandGrantham

        I personally wasn’t impressed with the job Kiffin did as OC much at all last year, and this is coming from someone who actually likes him and has spent time with him previously during his days at USC.

        His play calling with unimaginative at best, in which seemingly 1/2 the plays involved getting the ball to Amari Cooper in any way possible. Second half scoring was bad, and I swear TE’s are like kryptonite to him, in which he refuses to use them at all.

        How on earth he was nominated for the Broyles award is utterly beyond me, especially given Bobo never even sniffed a nomination.


        • As unimpressive as he might have been (the call that led to the second half pick vs. osu was a disaster) they won a conference championship and played in the national semifinals. My point wasn’t “kiffin is awesome” though. My point was first year OC and QB doesn’t mean you’ll suck. You can still do big things. If we get a center and can stay relatively healthy I’m expecting big things.


    • Columbus Dawg

      Richt bots already looking for excuses that they think will stick after the Dawgs suck again in 2015. They will not fly. I know you all think I am an idiot for claiming this, but it is not Schotty that is looking for a pass, it is his boss. Mark Richt decided it was more important to get an OC, (basically anyone who would come, sort of like Grantham), but many believe that Richt should take over the offense so that one of Chubb’s last two years was not wasted like so many other player’s talents have been wasted under Richt. If Richt does not make it to Atlanta in 2015, his “seat” will be hotter than it has ever been. I know that most of you here have the idea that Richt has as long as he wants to fumble and squib around in Athens. You would be wrong.


      • ….but many believe that Richt should take over the offense…

        Honestly shocks me anytime I see statements like this. As much as people gave Bobo a hard time his first few years, he was a better playcaller than Richt from Day 1 of taking over those duties. Not that Richt was a bad playcaller, but people forget how bad our red zone offense was under him, there was a reason we were known as “Field Goal U” for a while there. We would fly up and down the field between the 20’s, but found every way possible to bog down in the red zone.

        I know some people like to point to our record when Richt was calling plays, but let’s just say that if Richt had received the same lack of support from the defense that Bobo had for most of his tenure, the lid would have remained sealed pretty tightly on the program.

        I do still support Richt as our head coach pretty firmly, but wouldn’t have been happy at all if the turnover this past offseason had resulted in him taking playcall duties back over.


      • Russ

        “Thomas Brown”, is that you? Is the Dawg Vent leaking again?


      • PTC DAWG

        Simply awesome comments…no really…simply awesome.


  2. AusDawg85

    No arrests, suspensions or Fulmer Cup entries from Spring Break? What will the AJC do…leave their UGA news section blank?


  3. Spence

    No OC even bobo could do what we did last year. I fully expect our fans to be ready to run the new guy out of town by November.

    Hopefully the defense is a beast and can win some games for us.


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  6. EdDawg

    Schott has his work cut out for him. 2 biggest obstacles are it’s the 1st year for his Qb starter, and 1st year as new coordinator usually requires some adjusting to get to know his system.

    The formula will be to replay 2014:
    1- Run the ball heavily
    2- Complete a high % of short passes
    3- Don’t turn the ball over

    I don’t expect the base plan and those 3 things to change at all. It resulted in an all time offensive scoring record and plays to Georgia’s strengths.

    Where Schott can add his mark is:
    4- improve long ball without turning the ball over
    5- Improve 3rd down conversions
    6- Improve red zone offense


    • Derek

      Unless you have Tom Brady, you must to throw it deep to beat good defenses. Bama will tear you apart if you don’t challenge the deep third of the field. You can dink and dunk the lesser opponents on your schedule but not a team like Bama.


      • EdDawg

        Does seem to be true that you have to pass the long ball well to make the playoffs.

        Look at Ohio St, Oregon, both tied for 4th for 30+ yard passes, Bama 16th, FSU 25th.

        All 4 teams were top 20 in # of 40+ yard passes.

        2-3 big passes per game seems to really be important.


      • EdDawg

        Sad part is, Hutson Mason was incredibly accurate on long passes, ranked #1 in the SEC, completed over 50%.

        Bobo just didn’t call enough of those type of plays.


        • Just because the play went for 30 doesnt mean it was thrown that far. We had a lot of short throws turned into long gains. The HB pass Gurley threw may have traveled the farthest of any pass last season. Bobo wasn’t the problem it was mason’s lack of arm strength. You can play qb with a weak arm but its a challenge to pressure a defense horizontally when they know you aren’t going to challenge them vertically. If you watched the Super Bowl seattle started disrupting the underneath routes by bringing both safeties into the box. Brady took a couple of unsuccessful shots to try to loosen it back up. The thing that brady can do that most can’t is anticipate the open guy at the snap and get it there. He gets it out so quick and accurately that pass rush is negated even without much of a running threat. Even as good as he was seattle choked off a lot of that underneath stuff for a good chunk the of that game. To win a Super bowl with 50 attempts is just an amazing feat for any QB. The other 4 qb’s who threw that many times lost the SB. The problem we had was that mason is no tom Brady. Physically similar but mentally there is no comparison. We need a guy that forces at least one and preferably two deep safeties to keep mm and jsw from having a track meet. When you can do that then you can do anything you want on offense.


          • AusDawg85

            You can’t help yourself, can you? One more time: UGA Scoring Offense #1 in SEC, #8 in country. Why in God’s name would Bobo have wanted to throw deep more when we’re scoring 41 points per game?

            The problem we had was that mason is no tom Brady. Physically similar but mentally there is no comparison.

            As the linked article above states, you have this completely backwards. And here’s a news flash…neither Stafford nor Murray compare to Tom Brady as a pro either.

            P.S. The criticism is not of your belief of the importance of downfield passing (though I’ll defer to guys like RIcht and Bobo to know a little better than you)…it’s the unnecessary beating on Mason when you do it. You have an agenda about him for whatever reason…let it go.

            P.P.S. Think I’ll have you spring for some Rebecca Creek Bourbon out of San Antonio to share at the Senator’s tailgate when you payoff the bet about Mason getting into the NFL.


          • EdDawg

            Hutson Mason is no Tom Brady? Have you ever compared their Senior seasons in College?
            Accuracy: Brady 61%, Mason 67%
            Yards: Brady 2217, Mason 2168
            Td’s: Brady 16, Mason 21
            Int’s: Brady 6, Mason 4
            Ratg: Brady 138, Mason 156

            Both led their team to top finishes and only lost 1 game to ranked teams.

            Brady 6′ 4”, Mason 6′ 3”


  7. Will Trane

    Does CSU have a spring game or summer game so CMR can be in house to check out the red zone offense.
    How do you define “the Best” … Coach Andy Landers. What a coach. What players. What accomplishments. 36 years of utter devotion and commitment to UGA and UGA athletics.


  8. BigAL

    I think we need to just wait, be patient and see which “annual” two games we lose this year and how we lose them before we can honestly answer that


    • Go Dawgs!

      Oops. Looks to me like an Alabama fan forgot to change his name to something Georgia-related before he started his trolling. Honest mistake.


      • BigAL

        Nope, I’m AL and I happen to be rotund, therefore the nickname of “Big”. I’ve lived in Albany since 1966. Its a town in SOWEGA. Oh wait a minute, that’s SOuth WEst GA for you. (GA being G-E-O-R-G-I-A). Sorry to actually have an opinion about my alma mata. . In nam, we called it “Freedom of Speech” as I don’t drink the UGA Kool aid all the time, just most of the time. I dont look at our schedule and think, “yup, we should go 12-0″. So let me guess, I already know your answer to my question about getting a new head coach who actually want to develop players and win something called the SEC and maybe more..”who can you find that’s better than CMR”? Yup, that’s got your name all over it.


  9. TMC dawg

    Let us not forget. Richt and company screwed us out of 2games last year. It just seems they cannot do the logical thing during games. Been a season ticket holder for 14 yrs. just so sad that at critical times during games the coaching staff chokes. I feel sorry for our guys, because they are the ones playing there asses off. Good coaching is giving your team the best chance to win games. I question that more and more.