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When is a mid-major school not a mid-major school?

When the SEC is in need of a little scheduling juice.  Congrats, BYU and Army!


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Today’s winner in “The Most Irrelevant Question” contest

I can’t imagine an answer I could be less interested in learning than the one to this query.


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A couple of Pro Day thoughts

First, look what the cat drug in.

Mike Bobo, the former offensive coordinator, was back, as was former offensive line coach Will Friend. Both left before the bowl game for Colorado State, Bobo as head coach and Friend as offensive coordinator. But with CSU on spring break, both were back in town and decided to drop by for pro day.

Those coaches left on good terms for better jobs, so it wasn’t too surprising to see them.

They could also offer some insight about their former players to coaches and scouts in attendance that their replacements can’t.  Class move, fellas.

Second, there’s the curious case of Ray Drew.

For Ray Drew, Georgia’s Pro Day was an opportunity to show off his new frame for all 32 NFL teams.

“I was excited to show off the new me,” Drew said. “I’ve lost 15 pounds, I am now at 265 so today was a great opportunity to show off how I’ve improved my quickness.”

Drew’s weight loss was evident in his drills. He was able to show his explosiveness off the snap with a 32-inch vertical jump and a broad jump of 9’4’’.

Drew arrived to Athens in 2011 as one of the crown signings of the “Dream Team.”

He finished his career at UGA with 113 tackles and 7.5 sacks. He led the nation last year in blocked kicks with three.

“I feel lighter, towards the end of my career here at Georgia I noticed that I was sluggish,” Drew said. “But now if a team wants me to put on weight I can put it on better and live a healthier lifestyle.”

I don’t want to say this kind of talk drives me crazy, but it’s frustrating to hear.  Did Drew say anything about how he felt at the time to the staff, or was this just a situation where he was told to play at a certain weight no matter what?  In any case, I wish him the best going forward.  He didn’t turn out to be Georgia’s version of Jadeveon Clowney, but he certainly had a productive career.  It’s just now I’ll wonder if there’s a bit of a missed opportunity to it.



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No frickin’ shame

As much as we tend to rant about the NCAA in these parts, you can’t lay all the blame for what sucks about collegiate athletics on its doorstep.  I mean, there’s a 94-page report it issued on a number of serious infractions committed over an eight-year period at Syracuse…

In its report, the NCAA placed Syracuse on probation for five years for breaking with the “most fundamental core values of the NCAA.” Athletic department officials interfered with academics, making sure star players stayed eligible, the report said.

… concerning a program that’s been severely penalized before, whose coach harbored and defended a pedophile on his staff, and what’s the school’s response?

He’s getting three more years to coach there.  I guess that’s what being “the embodiment of Orange pride” gets you.

If there’s a message there beyond just win, baby, I’m not hearing it.  Maybe somebody from North Carolina can explain it to me.


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Today, in your daily dose of NCAA help

Very quietly, the NCAA has moved to change its transfer waiver ruleBrian Cook explains the background for that:

Why make the change? In recent years more and more players had been trying to get transfer waivers for increasingly dubious reasons. It was getting ridiculous, and threatened to create more of an open market for transfers than there was before. (You may think that’s a good idea; the NCAA does not.)

Instead the NCAA will offer a one-year extension of the five year clock* in circumstances that warrant it. IE: if you’ve already redshirted you can make a hardship transfer without losing a year of competition.

All of which should offer great comfort to Khari Harding and his family.

You know, it’s still amazing to me that an organization that spent years crafting arcane limits on bagel toppings and has a rule book for which complex as a description is almost an understatement can’t roll up its sleeves and spend some time and effort crafting a protocol that actually benefits student-athletes instead of simply being done to make life easier for itself.

Okay, okay…  somewhat amazing to me.  Geez.


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That IPF will cost you…

As those who know me can attest, I’m pretty poor at visualizing things in space, so I’m appreciative of Groo’s summary of where the indoor practice facility may wind up being situated.

The renderings make clear the tradeoffs in picking the location. It’s tight quarters. Some combination of existing buildings, existing practice fields, campus streets, and parking will be affected. While the perspective of the renderings make it tough to pinpoint the exact locations, we see several distinct locations under consideration.

  • Some of the renderings lie in part of what we’ll call the “Hoke Smith Block” bordered by Lumpkin St., Carlton St., Sanford Dr., and Smith St. We’re shown versions that are aligned east-west as well as north-south. The north-south orientation cuts off Smith St. and replaces the smaller turf practice field below the track. The east-west version brings the facility closer to Stegeman Coliseum.
  • Other configurations show the facility on the footprint of either a full-length turf or grass practice field. McGarity has insisted for several years that “we don’t want to disturb that environment” of “the first-class practice facility we have here with two grass fields and two turf fields.”
  • At the same time, we’ve come a long way in a year. In December 2013, McGarity seemed resigned to the idea that “it’s gotta probably be out on South Milledge.” We know now that the focus is now much closer to the existing complex. Has McGarity’s stance on sacrificing a practice field changed as well? After all, is an outdoor turf field much different than an indoor one?
  • Another possibility shows the facility placed in the area surrounded by Foley Field’s left field wall, the tennis complex, the Carlton St. parking deck, and the Rankin Smith Center.

Of course, he’s right to note that it’s way too early in the process to start guessing which site makes the most sense, but I can’t help but wonder about one matter this early.  Remember that something like $30 million is being set aside for the new facility, which is definitely on the high side for such things.  That number makes sense in the context of having to allocate funds for acquiring the Hoke Smith property from the university, but if it’s not going to wind up there, what else do they need all that money for?  Any ideas out there?


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