When is a mid-major school not a mid-major school?

When the SEC is in need of a little scheduling juice.  Congrats, BYU and Army!


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14 responses to “When is a mid-major school not a mid-major school?

  1. LOL, Army is gonna be the first team to end up playing a 9 game SEC schedule.



    Au will schedule’em and 3 sure fire patsies, most every year.


  3. Red Cup

    Army will be playing an SEC west schedule in a few years


  4. 3rdandGrantham

    In other news, Alabama just released their 2019 out of conference schedule:

    9/2 Army—Tuscaloosa, AL
    9/16 Georgia State–Tuscaloosa, AL
    9/23 Army–Tuscaloosa, AL
    11/24 Army–Tuscaloosa, AL


  5. Bob

    Actually I would love to see us do a home and home with Army. For Georgia fans to see the Plain and that incredible place would be fantastic. They should not be considered a Power 5 equivalent, but it is an awesome place and atmosphere.


  6. reipar

    You left off that ND will now also be considered as a power five member. lol


  7. Bob

    ND should be considered a Power 5 member. Shouldn’t have needed any discussion. Probably ought to consider Boise as well.


  8. Austin

    You saw it here first folks, BYU will join the BIG12 pretty soon, so there will not be much quibbling then.


    • Since big12 needs to add two teams that one makes tremendous sense. Another religious school (like Baylor), has a national following, is good at football and basketball, and geographically makes sense. The problem is who is the 12th team? Just to add BYU alone cuts the pie again without the increased income of adding two more teams.


      • Bob

        My guess is Houston, Cincy or Boise. The latter would be a good pairing for BYU, but they are really not very strong in any sport but football. My guess is Houston. Cincy would look like a desperate choice and is such a little brother to tOSU.


  9. PansyTheDawg

    Sometimes cupcakes win, like Tech.