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Fanning the flames with a visor

Okay, I admit the first thing I do when I see a Spurrier story is check for Georgia snark.  This interview with Paul Myerberg doesn’t contain any (although he extends his “doing cartwheels” remark over going 7-6 to Arkansas), but there is this gem:

Q: As you get older, do you find the offseason to be easier or harder than it’s been in the past? You have more fun in the offseason than you used to?

A: This one will be a bit more intense. We think we’ve got to get our team playing faster, more physical. Spring practice may be a little bit more … sense of urgency, that’s what the newspaper wrote. Maybe a bit more sense of urgency than maybe last year. We were No. 4 in the country, the highest ranking in school history, coming off our third straight 11-win season. The SEC media guys picked us to win the East (Division) and yet when they picked the preseason all-conference team we had one defensive player make the third-team all-defense. We had a couple on offense make second-team, I think.

So we didn’t have a lot of star players but for some reason, everybody just assumed we were going to win six or so conference games and 10 or 11 regular games. But it didn’t work out that way.

“Everybody just assumed”, eh?  I wonder how that got out there.



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“We did make mistakes.”

This baby will make you roll your eyes.

Urban Meyer admitted that he made mistakes as coach at Florida in an interview with Andrea Kremer for HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel…

“If I look back now, the biggest mistake I probably gave second chances to some people that maybe shouldn’t. But this is someone’s son. I know in my soul we’re doing it right, doing the best we can. Did we make mistakes? We make mistakes (raises hand).”

Oh, brother.

This is what passes for soul searching when you can’t credibly ignore the Aaron Hernandez story any longer.  Not that the people cutting his paychecks really give a shit, anyway.


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“Coach Pruitt always has something up his sleeve, and it just depends on what he feels like doing.”

Lorenzo Carter describes the mad scientist at work.

“All three of us can play multiple positions on the field, and we were all actually out there together a couple of times last year. It was crazy, and this year is going to be even crazier, because I’m more comfortable, Leonard is going to be back at 110 percent and Jordan is getting better and better.

“We’ve got a lot of different things that we can show an offense. With Coach Pruitt, he could move an end to noseguard and then all the way to safety. It’s crazy.”

Consider this your morning delivery of Dawg porn.


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