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Does early buzz count as Dawg porn?

If so, maybe you should get a little excited about new kid on the block Jonathan Ledbetter, who’s gotten more than a few mentions from folks, like this:

“He’s a good kid, comes out there and works hard each and every day,” Bailey said. “When we go down there in the meeting room, he asks questions. You know, he’s learning. He’s learning real fast and with our help, the coaches help, he’s going to be a good player.”

Trent Thompson’s gonna get the headlines when he shows up for August practice, but keep an eye on this early enrollee.



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Working for the man every night and day

Auburn’s Jonathan Jones explains why it’s important for college players to bust ass.

“And players have to trust coaches. You’ve got to trust them when they make the call and we’ve got to execute. It’s the same for the coaches. Their livelihood is in our hands, and they have to be able to trust us.”

“Do it for the coaches’ jobs!”  Man, that’s inspiring.  Should make for one helluva halftime speech.


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It takes two teams to tango.

Let me take the opportunity to say that Princeton is playing the kind of spring game, one with an actual opponent, I wish every school played.


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