Working for the man every night and day

Auburn’s Jonathan Jones explains why it’s important for college players to bust ass.

“And players have to trust coaches. You’ve got to trust them when they make the call and we’ve got to execute. It’s the same for the coaches. Their livelihood is in our hands, and they have to be able to trust us.”

“Do it for the coaches’ jobs!”  Man, that’s inspiring.  Should make for one helluva halftime speech.



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11 responses to “Working for the man every night and day

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    I know it’s Auburn and mock-worthy, but he speaks a fundamental truth.


    • ZeroPointZero

      My sentiments exactly. He states the obvious. Not snark worthy. It seems like the question was prolly about trust.


  2. TennesseeDawg

    Not to mention those poor coaches are working for peanuts and show unending loyalty to the university and the players.


  3. Lrgk9

    Chris Hatcher stayed at GSU and turned down the UA O-Coordinator position out of loyalty to his staff, Ga Southern, and the players that stuck through his takeover.

    Worked his fingers to the bone, got bony fingers and a Pink Slip…


  4. Nashville West

    Win one for the ‘Zahnner ?????


  5. Mike Cooley

    It’s auburn man. That ain’t all they’re doing it for. I’m more than confident they get nice bonuses on top of their base salaries for wins.


  6. Saxondawg

    A sepulchral quiet blankets the locker room at halftime. Slowly, a backup linebacker comes to his feet–a big, beefy fellow who rarely speaks.
    “Folks, I’m not much of a rah rah guy,” he says. “I try to let my play on the field speak for me. But today I got to speak my heart. Today I can no longer keep silent. Men, we’re playin’ this game like a bunch of two-stars coached by a two-million-dollar man. That’s not who we are. As we all know, our coach makes three mill with a few nickel-and-dime incentives. And I ain’t really happy with that. Are you?” (grunts and hoots of affirmation)

    He continues, “In this league, some coaches are making four million dollars. YOU know it and I know it. I look down the salary comparison charts–and it makes me SICK. It makes me want to SLAM MY FIST into some board member’s FACE. Is that what you and I think of Coach Bubba?” (“NO!” come the shouts; a couple of helmets are thrown against the floor. Expletives begin to circulate.)

    “I don’t want MY coach to make no stinkin’ THREE MILL like a damn Fortune 500 VEE-PEE. I don’t even want him to make FOUR–I won’t be happy until Coach Bubba is at five-point-seven, with a quality shoe contract, a full endorsement docket, and new cars for every wife and ex-wife and kid and backstreet mistress he’s GOT!” (People leaping up, shouting replies; the kicker is weeping quietly.)

    “So don’t give me this three-and-out %$@& in the second half. You play it like you MEAN it. Play it like you’re PERSONALLY laying down the bricks for a new wing on coach’s lake mansion. WE WILL NOT STOP SHORT OF AN EXTENSION AND 80-PERCENT RAISE! WHO’S WITH ME?” (defensive line speaking in tongues; offensive line assaulting water cooler; head coach checking stock portfolio on his phone.)


  7. Saxondawg

    Tap, tap. Is this thing on?
    Can’t seem to post.


    • Cojones

      You da Man, Saxon! (All the posters in the room put him on their shoulders and ride him by the Throne of Bluto.)