Happy on defense

I mentioned defensive acclimation to Pruitt in his second year, and it sounds like that’s the song being sung in spring practice.

If there is one dominant theme through the early stages of Georgia’s spring football practices, it’s that the defense seems a lot more comfortable in the second year under coordinator Jeremy Pruitt.

Happier, too.

“It’s a lot different,” senior defensive tackle James DeLoach said. “You basically know what’s going on this year, so you can fly around and have more fun. I think we’re off to a good start, and we’re working with the young guys, trying to teach them what they need to do.”

That’s good, no?  Of course, there’s one little thing to keep in mind…

Georgia’s defense is facing an offense looking to develop a new center, a new quarterback and several reliable receivers under new coordinator Brian Schottenheimer.

“The offensive players are just now getting a feel for it.” DeLoach said. “I think they felt like we did last year.”

It’s always something.  At least the offense gets to work its way up to speed with an easier start to the schedule than the 2014 defense had.


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9 responses to “Happy on defense

  1. gastr1

    It would seem like “this right here” is Exhibit A regarding the Richt Continuity Doctrine (I just now made that up, so go easy on me).


  2. Cojones

    I think the D is becoming more confident through last year’s players getting help that they are anxious to depend on when the “oldsters” aren’t in the game. Since they are now becoming more familiar with Pruitt’s scheme, they can afford to lead the new players until they mature in the D scheme instead of making the coaches do all the heavy lifting (small things explained after practice that takes a coach’s time).

    The O, however, has a longer row to hoe. It’s not exactly like Bobo’s O because Schott has value as a new voice and schemer, but he’s starting with a new Center and QB so he has to install. They can’t sop up Bobo’s old scheme and teach others, rather Schott has to get the machine cranking with what he’s familiar with. New stuff. Can’t spread the old word because the new word hasn’t been installed. It’ll take more time and coaching than will Pruitt’s job.

    So, yeah, I expect the O to take longer, the D to romp around like kids while having more fun and all of us standing by pulling our hair and medicating over the diff. The D has more leaders while the O is growing one or two. The ability to hand off and overcome will afford the time needed for the O to get all the cogs rolling at full steam while keeping the machine intact.

    What’s good for the O is gooder for the D.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    Truth is, Pruitt didn’t inherit much talent. He’s definitely had to coach them up. Except for Lorenzo Carter and maybe Floyd, I’m not sure I see a potential first round pick on the returning D roster. I expect the incoming recruits to substantially improve the talent base, and I’m sure we’ll continue to see improvement as the season goes on.

    Other than QB, I’m not all that worried about the offense. For guys like Mitchell, JSW, and Rome, it’s their last chance to show nfl scouts what they can do. So I expect some of the lettermen to elevate their game.


    • gastr1

      Come on, man, this is Georgia. I think he’d have balked a little more than he did if the talent looked more like Georgia Southern…even our third-stringers are going to be better than most.


      • W Cobb Dawg

        Really? Let’s look at that. Compare the present talent to 2001/2002. BVG’s first 2 years included players who became high draft picks: Pollack, Grant, Sullivan, Boss, Thomas Davis, Sean Jones. Other future nfl players from ’01/’02 included Odell Thurman, Chris Clemons, Geathers, Jermaine Phillips. BVG’s first 2 teams had some top nfl talent. I believe he did a good job coaching em, but many of the players were flat-out studs.

        You’re saying the present D roster has that level of talent? Do you expect Swann, Wilson, Herrera, Drew, Thornton, or Toby to be selected in the first 4 rounds this year?

        This D roster is in major rebuilding mode. I love Pruitt, and when you consider the players he had to work with you realize he worked wonders in 2014 and appreciate him even more. This incoming D class will be a huge improvement talent-wise for CJP to work with.


        • gastr1

          What did I say? Did I say future NFL all-pros? I did not. I said the talent is better than what you would find at a lower-tier school and implied that there is something there he can work with. There is talent because we don’t recruit bad players down the depth chart, is what I was saying, and also implying indirectly that if they looked shitty to you before there perhaps was another reason for it (CTG).


    • Dominick Sanders is a future star. Malkom Parrish was playing QB in Quitman before stepping on the field last fall. You don’t have to have 11 1st rounders to have a tier 1 defense. Just put some reasonably talented guys playing fundamentally sound defense and good things happen.


  4. Krautdawg

    Aaah, the annual “we’re flying to the ball now” spring article. That means the azaleas should start blooming in Augusta in about 10 days …


  5. Noonan

    Clap along, if you feel like happiness is the truth.