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Things are getting ugly in the SEC West.

Check out the grenade LSU’s lawyers lobbed in the answer to the Chavis lawsuit:

“The only fact implicating Texas (in the suit) is that Chavis happened to defect to Texas A&M and chose to begin working for A&M before his service to LSU was complete,” the new filing says. “Notwithstanding the Aggies dire need for defensive help, Chavis could have defected to a college or professional team in any state, or even in a foreign country.”

Using the word “defect” – twice in one paragraph – is pretty strong.  And “dire need” is a nice shot fired across TAMU’s bow.  (Should we should start employing similar language about LSU’s new receivers coach?)  But I’m sure it’s nothing personal.

LSU travels to College Station A&M travels to Baton Rouge on November 28th, in case you were wondering.




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Cheaters never prosper. However, sometimes they do get honored.

Just wondering how the “Todd Gurley broke the rules, and Mark Richt is awesome for making him pay the price” crowd feels about this development.

For what it’s worth, I think it looks great.


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Phil Steele’s Spring Guide

You’ll find the link here to his thirty-six page feature.  There’s plenty of good stuff to chew over, including a listing of “SEC – Returning Starters, Last Years Rankings & Stats” (the only team with better balance than 2014 Georgia was Alabama, and Georgia returns one more starter from the offense/defense than does the Tide) and his 2014 Postseason All-SEC team.

Hey, it’s March.  It’s not like you’ve got much else to occupy a little football time right now.


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Name that caption, if you dare edition

Somebody asked for a name that caption starring Tracy Rocker, so here you go.

If you want to offer one, go to it in the comments.  Frankly, I’m a little too intimidated to suggest anything.


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Best “fool me once” story you’ll read today

Idaho ditches the proposed make up game with Florida for a match with Missouri that pays better.

If you’re doing the math here, play one SEC game, make $2.3 million.  Not too shabby.  Plus you get to slap the Gators as a bonus.

That has the makings of one of those old MasterCard “Priceless” commercials.


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Who you gonna believe, me or those lying documents?

I’m not sure what I like best about this AP story on the UAB memos, that the university president thinks the old story line still works despite printed evidence to the contrary, or that the state legislator who’s calling for his head runs a Rivals Web site dedicated to UAB sports.

Either way, it’s quintessential Alabama.


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Tuesday morning buffet

Chock full of goodies for your reading pleasure.

  • According to Khari Harding’s dad, local media sussed on to the problem with the new NCAA transfer rule before Tulsa did.  Ugh.
  • Five reasons why Tennessee will win the SEC East in 2015… and five reasons UT won’t.
  • Here’s Athlon’s Georgia spring preview.  Nothing particularly revelatory.
  • The NCAA is okay with a crowdfunding project for student-athletes?  Count me skeptical; it’s probably more like the NCAA hasn’t figured out a way to shut it down yet.
  • Auburn’s home/road splits over the last ten years are rather eye-opening.
  • Hoo, boy“Senior linebacker Jordan Jenkins said he thought there was an underlying issue in the team’s setbacks, though. The players who served as leaders weren’t very good, in his opinion.”
  • And this is why they pay Cam Cameron the big bucks, I guess.


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