Cheaters never prosper. However, sometimes they do get honored.

Just wondering how the “Todd Gurley broke the rules, and Mark Richt is awesome for making him pay the price” crowd feels about this development.

For what it’s worth, I think it looks great.


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22 responses to “Cheaters never prosper. However, sometimes they do get honored.

  1. Merk

    The only mistake Gurley made was in choosing who to sign the autographs for. Otherwise he was a DGD. Never sniffed off the field issues like many players here have and worked hard to get the win every game. I only wish we could have seen what he could do in a full season. Hopefully he gets drafted by a team that uses him right and allows him to have a great career, ie not the Raiders or Browns.


  2. Merk

    Would it be funny for UGA to hold a TG3 autograph signing day on G day? Just another middle finger to the NCAA.


  3. Charles

    They probably feel like he owned up to his mistake and sat it out during his suspension (while having the character to not turn it into an even bigger spectacle than it was).


    • 81Dog

      I’m with you, Charles. He messed up. He owned it. He took the punishment. He came back. It seems a little hypocritical for anyone who was pointing out what a chickens**t rule it was, and how the punishment was too severe, to now claim TG should be some kind of pariah. I wish he had followed the rules, but I don’t think it makes him a bad kid or a bad Bulldog.


  4. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    I haven’t been down to Auburn lately. Any idea about which of their players they feature?


  5. PansyTheDawg

    It would be a shame if UGA didn’t acknowledge one of its best players but continued to proudly sell all those number 3 jerseys.


  6. Gravidy

    Trollin’, trolllin’, trollin’…


  7. Cousin Eddie

    Get him to sign the banner, please. Use a giant red paint roller or a red spray paint can.


  8. JCDAWG83

    That is a picture of a person wearing a University of Georgia football uniform with the number 3 on the jersey. There is nothing to identify the individual with any real person who may have played football for the University of Georgia, currently or in the past. Any likeness to any person, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


  9. Jack Klompus

    I like the likeness


  10. SouthGaDawg

    Is there a graphic somewhere in the building of AJ Green excessively celebrating after a TD?