Phil Steele’s Spring Guide

You’ll find the link here to his thirty-six page feature.  There’s plenty of good stuff to chew over, including a listing of “SEC – Returning Starters, Last Years Rankings & Stats” (the only team with better balance than 2014 Georgia was Alabama, and Georgia returns one more starter from the offense/defense than does the Tide) and his 2014 Postseason All-SEC team.

Hey, it’s March.  It’s not like you’ve got much else to occupy a little football time right now.


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3 responses to “Phil Steele’s Spring Guide

  1. RocketDawg

    My biggest comment is: Why the hell is Missouri playing AT Arkansas St?? I thought it was a misprint at first. SEC teams should NEVER play away games at a Sun Belt school.


    • I totally agree. Mizzou shouldn’t be in the SEC for many reasons, but this one should get them kicked out. 🙂


      • The fact that their fans at my office in St. Louis were discussing how they were the 2nd best basketball team in the conference the week of SEC Media Days in 2012 (the week they officially joined the conference) told me all I needed to know about how much they aren’t a good cultural fit at all. Nobody in the conference not named Kentucky talks about basketball in July.