The Ohio State Way?

Does what Braxton Miller did the other day rise to the level of an NCAA violation?

I have no idea.

With Ohio State’s announcement that the school “is looking into the situation”, do you think it’ll handle what’s happened differently than Georgia, if presented with a similar problem, would?

I have an idea.



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26 responses to “The Ohio State Way?

  1. Their AD could announce that he doesn’t have anything to say right now, but might have something to say next week. Something helpful like that.


  2. Rick

    Hey, why should Braxton Miller get to actually be successful participating in a pyramid scheme (which is what Advocare is) because of his notoriety?


  3. The first rule of Irwin’s compliance club is that if authorities cannot find the automatic or semi-automatic weapon, it’s not a violation. The second rule is that if a sponsor of a bowl game f/k/a the Weedwacker is implicated, it’s never a violation


  4. paul

    Given the NCAA’s previous “actions” relative to Ohio State I’m sure they will allow Miler to play the entire season before announcing that they’re shocked, shocked I say, to find out he did in fact commit a violation. But he’s no longer an NCAA athlete so there’s nothing we can do about it.


    • 69Dawg

      But the NFL will suspend him for one game because OSU is in fact a feeder school.


    • Will (The Other One)

      But they will grant him an extra year of eligibility just so he can be suspended a full season, he’ll promise to come back, and then they’ll be shocked when he declares for the NFL.


  5. Scorpio Jones, III

    Do you get some free ink with your Advocare?


  6. 69Dawg

    Given that OSU has had him in at least 4 compliance classes his last 4 years and AdvoCare’s own material said not to do it, I think he did it because the handwriting is on the wall. He will not start for OSU and he has no future in the NFL as a QB anyway. He is just hoping that this move gives him a face saving way out. I don’t think it will work because the NCAA is still under attack and OSU has 160+ days until it matters. We were screwed by the timing of the Rat in TGII’s case.


  7. Walt

    UGA vs. other SEC schools

    Georgia – 4 game suspension
    Florida – Suspended 1st half of spring game
    Kentucky – Suspened from Keenland Rack Track
    Missouri – Mandatory sensitivity training
    South Carolina – Suspened 1 game and forced to listen to Spurrier whine for 4 hours
    Tennessee – Suspended for 1st 15 minutes of the 1st quarter of game against Bowing Green
    Vandy – Banned from Vandy for life
    Bama – 2, 4, 6, 8 game ban, who cares, next man up
    Arkansas – 4 game suspension unless he’s on the O-line or a RB
    Auburn – Named permanent starter
    LSU – Suspended from all team crawfish boils
    Ole MIss – Suspended 2nd half of LA_Lafayette game if Ole Miss is ahead by 2 scores
    Miss. State – Required to attend Spring Break rap concert
    Texas A&M – No suspension unless you have a video of player acceptign cash at least 3 times


    • Mayor

      You did the SEC but allow me to mention some others: Clemson – No suspension but any money received must be paid to the IPTAY club; FSU – No suspension but any money received must be paid into a fund named in honor of Jameis Winston to but crab legs for the training table; Georgia Tech – No suspension but any money received must be used to buy tickets to the next Dragon-Con festival and distributed to the entire Yellow Jacket football team.


    • Bulldawg165

      Seems accurate, but perhaps I missed a major story with this one…

      “Vandy – Banned from Vandy for life”


    • Otto

      “South Carolina – Suspened 1 game and forced to listen to Spurrier whine for 4 hours”

      Looks like S. Carolina is tougher than UGA


  8. georgiajeepn

    Is it just my paranoia that Georgia would suspend him first and ask questions later simply because they KNOW the NCAA has been wanting to lay the wood to the Dawgs for a long time?


  9. Bulldog Joe

    I’m thinking OSU’s third string QB gets a first half suspension in the Hawaii game.


  10. sectionzalum

    I await Herbstreit’s finger wagging and moral disappointment.


  11. Deep Purple

    He would immediately be suspended indefinitely by Greg McGarity and Carla Williams. The NCAA knows they can count on UGA to be good little citizens and do what is “right”.


  12. ellis

    It must be legal as long as he doesn’t autograph a box that he sells you.


  13. PansyTheDawg

    Considering it’s the NCAA, all we know for sure is that the potential punishment will be unlike that of any similar violations. Inconsistency is the bread and butter of the NCAA.