Wednesday morning buffet

Dig in, peeps.

  • Jay Rome wants to have fun this season, instead of “It’s always been about going out and trying not to hurt myself anymore.”
  • I got excited seeing the word “wheel” used in the context of Georgia’s offense, but it turns out all Seth meant was that Schottenheimer is tweaking the terminology of the play calls, not the system itself.
  • Dennis Dodd insists that football is a money loser at most schools, but those schools still want football.
  • Steve Spurrier is going to call the plays again this season.  Why did he ever stop? “It wasn’t going very well … You make a bad call and say, ‘Awe, dumbass. Why’d I do that? Maybe someone else can do it better.’”
  • Spurrier’s calling the plays, but he doesn’t know to whom yet.
  •’s Zac Ellis drops in on Athens to let us know how Georgia’s offense is progressing so far.
  • Corch wants you to know you’ve got nothing to worry about in the player injury department:  “The game is safer now. I can give you 28 years of experience. The game is safer now than it’s ever been.”
  • Nothing says school pride like having your mugshot taken in a logo’d t-shirt:  Parole Tide!!!


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14 responses to “Wednesday morning buffet

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    If Corch says it, that settles it. Move on.


  2. pete

    I was wondering what was holding Rome back. He has the size and the athleticism to be great. In the two TE set, Rome and Blazevich together would be dangerous.

    I like that all QB’s get to rotate and play with 1st string etc. Give them an equal chance to show what they can do. Now we just need someone to separate themselves.


  3. Don’t mean this as a criticism, just an observation, but it’s interesting seeing all this about new terminology from Schotty, after they kinda made it a point right after the hire to say that Schotty would adopt the terminology already in place to shorten the learning curve of the players.

    Also, I see Kublanow was taking first team reps at center. I still think that’s most likely the end result, with Wynn sliding in at the LG spot, assuming no major injuries along the line.


    • pete

      Hey Rev. I thought the same thing. I keep seeing comments like this…

      There’s a new offense, a new offensive coordinator and a quarterback competition playing out at Georgia.
      “I have playing experience, but it means nothing now,” Ramsey said after practice Tuesday, the Bulldogs’ fourth this spring. “I’m back to square one. Just trying to work hard and do everything I can.”
      “I had just felt comfortable (with the playbook) right when Bobo left,” said Ramsey, the 6-foot-3, 216-pound Camden County product. “I was like, `Yes, I got it,’ and sure enough I’m into a new system. …It just produces new challenges with this new offense.”
      brought in a coach also with a pro-style background, but there’s still new terminology to grasp and a new style from the man teaching–less in the face of the quarterbacks.


    • Eh, I wouldn’t make too much out of the change in terminology. Logic suggests that if you expect your OC to be around longer than his players, it makes sense from a continuity standpoint to use his calls.

      Also, if what Schottenheimer employs is more NFL-like than what Bobo used, that’s probably another good sales point for Georgia quarterbacks to make in becoming draft-ready.


  4. 904Biscuit

    “Many Bulldogs fans were happy to see Bobo go. The coach was often criticized for his play-calling, a big reason why “Run the ball, Bobo” became its own Internet meme.”

    I hope all of those “many” fans that were happy to see Bobo go are happy with CBS this season but, I’m a little worried that we won’t see the same success on that side of the ball as we’re used to seeing.

    “Richt hasn’t won an SEC title since ’05 and has never brought a national championship to Athens in 14 seasons. Perhaps a different direction on offense can help end that drought.”

    Yeah… Maybe if we get to the top of the SEC in offense we’ll be able to bring home a championship. Oh, wait… that’s where we’ve been for the past 5 years. Do these writers do any type of thinking before they make statements like that? If the defense was half as good as the offense has been then we probably wouldn’t be complaining about Richt not having any championships. And as long as they can replicate what they’ve been able to do under Bobo, the offense won’t be the unit holding this team back.

    I’m hoping Pruitt keeps the progress rolling and can carry us through to victory in a couple games this year. There’s bound to be a few where that’s needed in a year when we’re breaking in a new QB and OC.


    • pete

      “I’m a little worried that we won’t see the same success on that side of the ball as we’re used to seeing.”

      As good as the O has been, it would be possible NOT to see the ‘exact’ same level of success even if Bobo had stayed. The bar has been set pretty high. …and on the other hand. Since there has been so many quality players injured, if we get those players back healthy the whole success thing could be an even wash. New OC and new QB vs returning quality players. Plus, I’m banking on a continued OL improvement…(fingers crossed).


    • Kendrick Lamar

      Richt is the head coach of the entire team, not just the offense.


    • Mayor

      Look, Bobo was a good OC overall but I’ve come to the conclusion that all those offensive end-of-game brain cramps that lost Georgia games the Dawgs should have won were really on Bobo, not CMR. I’m happy he got the opportunity to be HC at CSU and I’m also happy we got an experienced OC in Schotty to take Bobo’s place. With Pruitt at the helm on D and the O under Schotty, plus the other assistants we have in place, I am more optimistic about UGA football now than ever during the last 8-9 years or so.


  5. EdDawg

    I think the SI article was the best link. The guy made me wonder why Richt hasn’t won a title since 2005. I’ll tell you, it’s the rush game, and I think Richt gets it now.

    Here’s where Richt’s rush game finished in rush yards per game in the SEC:
    2008- #5, 2009- #7, 2010- #10, 2011- #7, 2012- #4, 2013- #11

    That’s not the formula for winning the SEC. But look where Richt finished for 2014: #1, so perhaps it’s a trend, and not an outlier like it looks now. Can’t imagine not having another huge year if Chubb stays healthy and avoids suspensions. Then Michel and Marshall need to step it up.

    If the run game is running on all cylinders, then the Qb just has to complete short passes, and avoid turnovers. Schott can use his NFL pedigree to improving long ball yards, 3rd down conversions, and red zone offense.

    For improving long ball, we need more separation on routes. Can get this by Qb moving in the pocket a bit more to bring the secondary up, setting it up with a string of consecutive runs or short passes, better reads, more speed on the go routes, some Qb runs from pass formations keeps them guessing, better technique to get space, and just more long ball calls from the OC. I like the new WR coach, I think it will yield big dividends. Look for Michel to get some long pass plays, he’s impossible to cover with a LB. Rome or Blaze should also present challenges for any LB with his speed, or to any DB with his size–need to use the TE more down the field, no question. And look for McKenzie and Malcolm Mitchell to show some speed for a change. Ramsey’s arm gives him the edge if Schott goes long ball.

    The more I think about it, a 2005 repeat at Qb would be great this year, a mobile Qb like Bauta or Park who doesn’t turn the ball over like DJ, I’d go with Bauta if it were me-wow, did he ever put on a show last Spring game. Hopefully Richt is a guy who can learn from what got him to SEC Championships. Has to be great top 5 defense like 2002, or a mobile Qb like 2005. The defense doesn’t look top 5 to me, so I’d go with his only other Championship formula, mobile Qb.


  6. Cojones

    t’s great to see everyone zero in on their most important concern and subject of this team – transition. The good and the bad of it are mixed together such that getting a focus on either is almost impossible, but my crack at it centers on what is uppermost in a few minds; new signals and new plays. The bad of it is the cohesiveness desired early so as to move the tempo into place early and establish a foundation for Fall Practice. The good of it is the new signals and plays prevent the opposition from selecting “tells” from Bobo’s plays and signals this year. Our opponents start from squat trying to piece together thinking and habits that computers can pick up and deliver best Ds against our O. Schotty has none with this team and there is no reason early film of early games will give any indication of strategy to the likes of Tenn or Bama before we play them.

    I like it all and with a leavening arm of Richt standing nearby, am upbeat for this team’s O ability, plus coaching, taking us far this season, especially after getting in shape early. Anyone seen the O-line players exiting from the donut shops lately?


  7. Scorpio Jones, III

    Shorter Dennis Dodd (Nice work, Dennis)…UAB was stupid to drop football, and even more stupid to handle dropping football they way they did, which was lie about the reasons.

    Course this guy here, he’s not talking about us, right:

    “That same Harvard professor found that applicants with lower-than-average SAT scores prefer schools with athletic success. Those students “valued” athletic success for longer periods than high SAT applicants.”