Where have all the DBs gone?

Yeah, this one made me blink a little, too.

Since signing with Georgia in 2013, Mauger has watched six of his classmates from the secondary alone bolt with eligibility remaining — Paris Bostick, Shaquille Fluker, J.J. Green, Brendan Langley, Tray Matthews and Shaq Wiggins.

Now, that’s attrition.  No wonder it felt like at times last year Pruitt might have to pull people out of the stands to fill out a two deep.

“It does feel kind of weird,” Mauger said. “It’s kind of like I’m the last guy standing, but the coaches always say that they’re going to work with the people who stay here.”

I hear ‘ya, dude.



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  1. charlottedawg

    Gentry Estes mentioned something a while ago. He said how Pruitt’s arrival was similar to Saban ‘s at Bama in that a lot of players especially defensive starters left the team. Estes opined that Pruitt’s mindset was probably along the lines of saban’s of: “yeah, you might be the starter but it’s only because the position group currently sucks. You (Shaq Wiggins, JHC, tray Matthews, etc.) Are nowhere near as talented as you think you are, so it’s probably for the best if I encourage you to go elsewhere so i can fill your spot with the 5 star recruit(s) I got my eye on.”


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Is this an example of serial undersigning?


    • No, because UGA signed a bunch of DB’s in this class to replace those they lost. Serial undersigning is really a straw man. They signed who they could in most instances. The real issue was just roster mismanagement in general: Not recruiting guys to replace transfers, discipline problems, medical disqualifications, etc. until a year or two later. It’s not that UGA only signed 20 when they had room for 25, although there were a few scholly’s per year that were wasted, it’s that they signed 20 when they had room for 25 and they lost five or six or more players to the aforementioned and they whiffed on half of the 20 they did sign. So, of the 20, some transferred, some never lettered, some were scout team players. Now, you are down to maybe six or seven contributors per class. That barely fills out a two deep over four years.

      Here are UGA’s signees by year:
      2007 – 23
      2008 – 24
      2009 – 21
      2010 – 20
      2011 – 26
      2012 – 19
      2013 – 33

      2007-2010 – 88 total signees
      2008-2011 – 91 total signees
      2009-2012 – 86 total signees
      2010-2013 – 98 total signees

      That six year period from 2007-2012 was the period of serial undersigning. If the limit is 85, then there are a ton of empty spots because we all know the transfer/legal/injury trouble that plagued the UGA roster during that time. (Alabama signed 114 from 2007-2010. That’s an extra (large) recruiting class of an advantage. I’m not advocating running players off like Alabama has been alleged to do, but there is a happy medium, and I think UGA is finding it now that Pruitt is here.)


  3. Don’t know who recruited shaq fluker but he was never gonna play. I think he is still on the bench for Jacksonville State (http://jsugamecocksports.com/custompages/Stats/Football/2014/TEAMSTAT.HTM?path=football) JJ Greene was a running back and he knew it and we were shoring up the secondary with him (RBIII). Trigga Tray and WIggins wanted to pretend that this next step was just an extension of HS. It’s not. Langley just never got better. Spent time at receiver too. It ain’t easy playing in the SEC. Hope they learned something from their time spent at the University of Georgia.


    • W Cobb Dawg

      I was sorry to see JJ Green go. He’s a good, tough RB and he was a dependable contributor even as a true freshman. I know, I know. We’ve got plenty of RBs. But JJ earned some playing time at RB and no program is in a position to let such a good RB walk away. I don’t see the logic in stealing a recruit like Brendan Douglas away from gtu, just to turn around and let them have a DGD who’s just as good or better RB than Douglas. End of rant.


  4. Argondawg

    The culture on that side of the ball was toxic and needed to be overhauled. CJP needed to blow it up and start over.


  5. Yep, those guys were talented but couldn’t get with the program. JJ wanted to play running back and just wasn’t going to be in the rotation especially given our downhill running game.

    There was also a coaching problem that no one talks about. Lakatos seemed to be the weakest link on the staff.


  6. WF Dawg

    Shouldn’t it be 7 guys to leave with eligibility remaining? I’m thinking of Sheldon Dawson. And is it true that he isn’t even playing football anywhere now?


  7. HVL Dawg

    You can look back to the recruitment of most of those guys and tell they weren’t good eggs. We either did pool evaluations or we whiffed on all the good ones and settled on what we could get.


    • RocketDawg

      Everyone of those guys were players that if we had not recruited or missed on some of you arm chair Head Coaches on here would have been howling about how Richt needs to “lock down the state and put a fence around Georgia”. The certainly have/had questionable character but they are also talented players (although to be honest the jury is out on Trigga Tray at least from my perspective).


      • With shaq, Matthews, and JHC, everybody would have been bitching about those recruiting misses because they were highly touted in-state guys. The rest of the lot, however, were probably band aids for other misses.


  8. Mayor

    We’re better off without ’em.