Mark Richt could show you the scrimmage stats. But then he’d have to kill you.

Today is the day for Georgia’s first scrimmage of the spring.  It is A Very Big Deal.

“We had a little shorter practice today,” coach Mark Richt said in a news release. “Tomorrow is a very important day. It’s the first scrimmage of the spring and practice number seven. We’re almost halfway through. We’ll find out where we’re at tomorrow.”

As is usually the case with such things, the scrimmage will not be open to the public or the media.  But Richt has decided to go one step beyond the usual.

We’ll have to rely on observations of players and Richt afterwards because Georgia has said there won’t be statistics provided.

No stats? Say what? Doesn’t Richt realize what he’s setting up if we don’t get scrimmage stats?  The only thing we’ll have to chew over the summer will be G-Day QBR numbers.

The horror.

Seriously, I suspect the quarterback situation is the real reason behind the decision to keep us in the dark.  And it’s understandable to an extent.

Brice Ramsey, Faton Bauta and Jacob Park will continue their spring competition for the starting job.

Ramsey figures offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer is “kind of just feeling it all out right now,” and is looking for “consistency of play and grasp of the playbook and knowledge of knowing what’s going on with everyone on the field, making the right decisions, getting us in the right runs. Just normal stuff an offensive coordinator would want.”

Asked if he felt this was a true open competition, Park said: “I guess so. I’m not really one to ask that question. As far as playing time and as far as opportunities out there, I think it’s definitely a pretty equal chance.”

The less public second-guessing, the better.  At least from the coaches’ standpoint.  But it’s frustrating for the rest of us.  Especially when you consider the list of items of interest Weiszer lays out in his piece.

Ah, well, there’s always G-Day.  Unless they make the quarterbacks wear disguises.


UPDATE:  Turns out we get stats after all.



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28 responses to “Mark Richt could show you the scrimmage stats. But then he’d have to kill you.

  1. SouthGaDawg

    File this under much ado about nothing. People that care about spring practice scrimmage stats are the same people that keep up with stats at their 7 yr. old’s rec. ball game.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Surely you jest, boss, if you think closing the scrimmage, making the stats top secret/eyes only is going to lessen speculation among the fans.

    We got this Yankee-talkin guy from Goose Creek…ugh…South Carolina battlin with a fine Jawja boy and…where’s that other guy from?

    Then, down in the depth chart, hidden from easy public view, is the true hero of the quarterback competition. The real, actual reason they are making the stats top secret is that they don’t want anybody to know about Der Slinger…yet.

    I know this cause I have a deep penetration agent among the cognoscenti in Athens. My agent had lunch with one of the guys who handles the gardening around Butts Mehre on Friday.

    Just wait for the reports, bro.


  3. pete

    “Unless they make the quarterbacks wear disguises.”

    That one made me smile this AM. 🙂 I’m thinking they could make them wear jersey’s with linemen numbers. That would be confusing. It would be like.
    “Hey! Why is Houston standing behind Long with his hands up his crotch? Guess they won’t being going to Indiana for wedding cake. 😉


  4. pete

    “Georgia looks like it will be missing two of its scholarship tailbacks. Sophomore Sony Michel is out with a shoulder injury and redshirt senior Keith Marshall was not seen at practice Friday. Georgia has not said why Marshall was out.”

    Just once I would like to see the Dawgs play a season with all of its cards. It seems we always have talent injured and on the sidelines.


  5. Dawg93

    “Put those scrimmage stats down! Scrimmage stats are for closers only.”


  6. Lrgk9

    Marshall has the dread “Tweaked” Hamstring.


  7. Macallanlover

    We are all starved for any “crumbs” we might nibble on so it is disappointing to not have scrimmage stats to argue about but this is the right decision. Rushing stats are pretty straight forward but passing numbers are always subject to misinterpretation (dropped passes, wrong route, tipped throw for INT, etc.) Given the significance of the 3 way battle for QB there is no reason to add any more pressure to these guys by having the interwebs argue vehemently for months about a scrimmage they did not even see. The coaches are the only ones who can evaluate the true performance of the QBs at this stage. Would love to know more, but this is a good decision to withhold stats, imo.


  8. Mike Cooley

    The freaking injuries are already piling up. I swear Spurrier has a voodoo doll of some of our new layers every year.


    • 69Dawg

      We need to hire a hamstring guru. Too much exercise can tighten the hamstring. Damn there is something we are doing wrong or do we just recruit players with lousy hamstrings.


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Its one a them pinko commie plots…I heard that on Fox.


      • Cojones

        You’re onto somethin’, 69. Hegedus tweeked his while trying to outrun the Cannonball. Somebody needs to whack Isaiah in the kneecaps in order that that they run evenly in practice so as not to influence our starting QB’s tendendies while throwing to them. That way, Park’s stats will mean something.


    • Frank Dawg

      It could be that other teams have injuries too but that we obsess over ours because that’s what we do…obsess about our own team.

      The “we are cursed” theme is one of my favorites. I also enjoy the “the NCAA is out to get us” and “the refs are out to get us” themes.


  9. Nashville West

    I don’t mind the QB’s wearing disguises at G-day. I just hope that they don’t need them for the regular season.


  10. EdDawg

    My philosophy is put as much pressure on the Qb’s as you can, because nothing will compare to gameday. Trying to shield them from accountability and pressure breeds weaklings. Spurrier has open practices and he’s beat Richt 4 out of 5 of the last 5 matchups. His Qb always seems more ready than Richt’s for that game. Max Pressure and accountability works. I feel this will backfire for Richt, and am more worried about the Qb’s mental toughness now.

    Someone should ask Richt if all the secrecy has helped him beat Spurrier or is it more about execution than what your plan is?

    Richt is afraid of scrutiny. Shows me Richt can’t handle criticism. Rarely admits making wrong calls when second guessed like the missed spike vs Bama.

    Just my take. But hiding is weird. And all I’ll do is scrutinize him magnified on G Day where Bauta will likely perform at a super high level again like he did last year.


  11. They didn’t put QBR in the stats. How are our favorite trollers supposed to tell us they know more about QB evaluation than Richt and Schottenheimer?