Another day, another support staffer

Give McGarity credit.  I’ve gone from fretting over why Georgia wouldn’t spend a few bucks to enhance support for the coaching staff as most of the competition in the SEC has done to wondering if there’s enough space at Butts-Mehre to house everybody.


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5 responses to “Another day, another support staffer

  1. pete

    Wow. The culture a BM seems to have really changed and you can’t help but thing JP has had a big impact on the mind-set change. It’s exciting to see/feel that we are staffing like our competition. I remember reading where that team west of us had like 9 quality control assistants and some of them were previous coaches. You couldn’t help but feel out manned on the coaching side of things. Glad to see we’re trying to level the playing ground.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    Is there a new set of offices in the IPF for these supporters?


  3. 69Dawg

    What in the name of Wally Butts does a Player Relations guy do?? Make sure the guys have dates on the weekends or make sure they don’t have dates on the weekends?


  4. watcher16

    Not sure if this was mentioned on this site recently, but I gotta admit I was a little excited after reading this: