Keeping it light.

Marc Weiszer had a fun note from Richt’s post-scrimmage presser.

No players were available afterwards for interviews, but they could be heard a floor below cutting loose as Richt spoke to reporters.

“Sounds like they’re having some fun down there,” Richt said. “Wrestlemania. It’s usually Wrestlemania about right now.”

Horsing around!  Youthful hijinks!

Hey, there have been seasons when we would have gotten news of somebody getting hurt from that.  Maybe things really are looking up with S&C… or just the program’s luck in general.

(And, yes, that was posted with my tongue fully planted in my cheek.)


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2 responses to “Keeping it light.

  1. Russ

    Don’t worry. As soon as a kid makes a mistake during the season, someone will be on here reminding us that he wouldn’t have made the mistake if he hadn’t wasted time with wrasslin’. I think Richt’s diving board time has directly lead to at least one loss a year.


    • Merk

      Well, I know for sure that those extra hours of practice would have made Bobo run Gurley vs SC. Prob would have made the team show up for UF. Definitely would have made Michel not fumble inside the 5 vs tech.