Mark Bradley keeps his eyes on the prize.

I should have known the real lesson from the Jonathan Taylor fiasco isn’t that Nick Saban made a terrible mistake in judgment.

It’s that we Georgia fans are making a terrible mistake in judgment indulging in a warm, comforting sense of schadenfreude.

Consider yourselves chastised.


UPDATE:  Speaking of schadenfreude, you gotta love this header.

Forgive me, Mark.


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45 responses to “Mark Bradley keeps his eyes on the prize.

  1. Derek

    If he gives a shit about this victim and the protection of others he’d be burying Saban for putting the community he serves at risk and not complaining about what serves as entertainment for fans. What an asshat! Yep, the real problem is Georgia fans. Fuck you Mark!


  2. simpl_matter

    Little trolls want to be Mark Bradley when they grow up.


  3. Cojones

    In all the idiotic hells of Journalism, how can a sports writer turn a story about a Bama player’s domestic violence into an upbraid of Georgia fans?


    • gastr1

      By being sanctimoniously sanctimonious about our sanctimosity. In other words, by being a hypocritical asshole.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Color me suitably chastised. Until I read Mark Bradley’s steaming pile of buffalo dung I had no idea I was ignoring, yes, even encouraging, domestic violence.

    I am humbled by the observational skills of this man.


  5. DugLite

    Mark Bradley’s a dick.


  6. Very disappointed in Mark Bradley. What? No mention of our loss to Tech thrown in there? I expect more from our newspaper sanctioned Troll.


  7. Bulldawg165

    “He coaches Alabama, which wins SEC championships and plays for national titles, and that’s something Georgia hasn’t done lately”

    What is this, amateur hour? This troll is way too obvious, and he dropped this bait right off the bat in the second sentence.

    I expected much better from him.


  8. Mark Bradley. Herwith, we encounter journalism by the light of an insufferable allegiance to Georgia Tech. Amazing to observe his capacity for journalistic and intellectual integrity. Which is none. Not to mention how mundane his actual writing is. About as interesting as watching mud dry.
    My blue tick coon hound is Tolstoy compared to him.


  9. Mad Mike

    Those of those that read and comment on this blog may argue with each other about political, NCAA, and UGA-AA related issues like we almost hate each other, but I think we can all agree that Mark Bradley and the other AJC hacks are all a bunch trolls of the lowest order.


  10. heyberto

    Bradley gonna Bradley. Somehow, he turns a few “bad apples” (I put that into quotes because, what’s the big deal if some laugh about Saban.. really) into the entire Georgia Fanbase, as if we haven’t expressed our serious disdain for Saban & Alabama’s place in all this. It’s tragic, but these guys deserve every laugh, criticism and/or scorn they get over allowing him on the team in the first place.


  11. It never even crossed my mind to laugh at domestic violence. I was laughing at nick and the bama admissions department. I am guessing mark does not grasp the concept of levels. Must be nice to live in a black and white world.


  12. Spence

    Just like we’re not ignoring the victim by tsk tsking Bama, Bradley fails to note nothing Bama did enabled Taylor to (allegedly) abuse this second woman. He’s a troubled kid that with a major problem who will spend time in jail because of it. If Bama hadn’t taken him, there’s no reason to think he wouldn’t have abused someone else. We just probably wouldn’t have heard about it.

    In other words, though its speculation, I’m not convinced the way to end domestic violence among football players is to chastise schools who give second chances. It’s also certainly not to bring them back into the fold without any special programs to get them right in the head, including anger management.

    Pumping someone with a problem like Taylor full of Bama-antler-steroids probably isn’t a great plan either. Hypothetically, that is.


    • Bulldawg165

      Agreed. By the time you get to be JT’s age, if you haven’t learned to not resort to violence when angered, especially violence toward women, there’s really not much else that can be done. He’s old enough to know right from wrong and this isn’t just a “kids being kids” type event. JT would’ve abused another woman whether he signed with another football program or not.


      • Spence

        I agree he probably would have without significant intervention. To those that say Saban enabled him, I think JT had to know what he could lose if he lost his shit and hit a female again.

        But throwing him into another high-pressure football culture without any anger management or other training (that I’ve heard reported at least), isn’t setting him up for success. And I maintain that Bama has high level steroids (allegedly) getting pumped into every athlete on their scholarship roster, though I suspect OSU and other schools have caught up. That can’t help this kid control his shit.

        It’s not that he couldn’t have changed, it’s that nobody (including himself) set him up for success. And Bama deserves blame for that.


        • Bulldawg165

          “And I maintain that Bama has high level steroids (allegedly) getting pumped into every athlete on their scholarship roster”

          Go on…


  13. D.N. Nation

    Mark Bradley blocks me on Twitter. It’s a source of pride for me.


  14. Rugbydawg79

    This kind of banter–makes me sick


  15. This gem was preceded by another classic Bradley column over the weekend:
    “Kentucky Won! Nyah, nyah, nyah!!”


  16. Saxondawg

    He works for the same paper that always qualifies “Former Georgia player” in headlines for people like Taylor. Trolling is understandable up to a point, but doesn’t the AJC need to actually attract and satisfy potential readers at some point, rather than drive them away? It ain’t 1953 anymore.


  17. Irwin R Fletcher

    Just so I get this straight…Bradley says Nick Saban made a ‘mistake’ by offering a scholly to a player facing outstanding charges for domestic abuse….and he thinks the UGA fans are the ones that need to take these crimes more seriously?

    By the way…if you’re Alabama, you can’t claim a ‘zero tolerance’ policy if you recruit and sign the kids while he’s still facing charges in Athens for the same crime. That’s about the dumbest thing I’ve read all day other than Bradley’s column.


  18. Athens Dog

    Look up douche bag in the dictionary. There’s a picture of mark Bradley.


  19. Does anyone in the country think Mark Richt would have taken Taylor if he had been kicked out of Bama for hitting a women? Hell no. UGA is the one with standards, Bradley, so STFU. I don’t laugh at any type of violence, although an ISIS video of Mark Bradley being beheaded would bring a smile to my face.


  20. Saxondawg

    Bradley’s point is “you Georgia fans stop laughing.” My point is I haven’t seen anybody laughing. A few “I told you sos”? Absolutely. But the implication that anybody has a good laugh over domestic abuse, if it were even true, wouldn’t be worth dignifying with a column.


  21. Argondawg

    The AJC is heading towards extinction. I stopped reading it years ago. Obviously so did a lot of other people.


  22. Mayor

    Mark who?


  23. SHUFF

    I do not read Mark Bradley or that other guy, Sargent Schultz


  24. Mike Cooley

    How does the ajc still exist? Honestly. Who are these people that read it? How can it still be dragging its half dead self along?


  25. Irwin R. Fletcher

    Anyone else find it weird that Bama used the phrase University of Georgia in their press releases? It’s almost like they are trying to push the bad press back on UGA. “We tried to fix what Athens did to him but couldn’t”

    I can’t wait for Richt to bury the Tide between the hedges this year.


  26. 904Biscuit

    Here’s a report on what Saban had to say about Taylor’s dismissal today after their practice. One quote that I really feel hit the nail on the head when it comes to Saban’s view on second chances is when he said they’ll continue to give out second chances as long as they feel the player has “the right stuff.” How not one reporter could think to ask if “the right stuff” is related to how talented the kid is on the field and if the kid would fill a position of need, is beyond me. Because we all know those two things are at the top of that list.


  27. We shouldn’t be laughing because THIS IS UGA’s fault.

    We were able to convince Taylor to sign with UGA. We brought him on campus to give him the opportunity to commit two crimes.

    Then we kicked him off our team which created a need for UGA to sign DL in the 2015 recruiting class.

    So at that point UGA had the nerve to sign both Trent Thompson and Jonathan Ledbetter keeping them from signing with Bama. I mean it was real dirty pool to sign Ledbetter’s brother to a football scholarship too.

    That left Saban NO choice but to sign Taylor, the guy with the domestic violence issues.

    Am I the only UGA fan who cannot see the conspiracy here? We have no right to laugh.