BREAKING: The NCAA admits it’s not omnipotent.

In a shocking development, the organization acknowledges that, when it comes to regulating its member schools, there exists “conduct the NCAA did not and could not control.”

Unfortunately, the conduct in question is academic fraud.  Which you would think, after all the blather about its academic mission given in the testimony in O’Bannon, would be something of rather significant importance to it.



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4 responses to “BREAKING: The NCAA admits it’s not omnipotent.

  1. NCDawg

    And thus the $200 to Tony Cole and a basketball class were considerably worse violations than anything UNC did.


    • GaskillDawg

      The NCAA did not initiate allegations about the class, iirc. Adams and Dooley volunteered that we committed violations regarding the class as a part of their posturing against each other.


  2. And the Roman Senators (NCAA) discussed the impossibility of an invasion of Rome (that Football & Basketball players are student athletes and not unpaid revenue producing human resource assets) while Atilla and his Huns sacked and pillaged the Roman Empire (while Kessler and his Lawyer peer group effectively end the Financial NCAA Empire).

    As General George Armstrong Custet loudly proclaimed “There are NO Indians in those hills!”


  3. DugLite

    The end is near……..