Nick Saban is not – repeat, NOT – having a very good week.

Tyren Jones gets the unceremonious boot from Tuscaloosa, which, if memory serves, just about wipes out that much ballyhooed 2013 running back class Saban signed.

Yeah, I know.  Shit happens.  Kids will be kids.  I’m not pointing any fingers at Saban for running an out of control program.

But I can’t help but wonder why nobody of national prominence *** cough *** Herbstreit *** cough *** is either.

Just sayin’.



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23 responses to “Nick Saban is not – repeat, NOT – having a very good week.

  1. sectionzalum

    Herbie is nothing if not a lazy opportunist of sanctimony.


  2. Cojones

    Has anyone noticed that the name Jones appears quite often among these players? Is there a bad gene somewhere here that we need to question, Scorp? Jus’ wondrin’.


  3. Bulldawg Bill

    I’m just glad that it’s happening somewhere west of the ‘hooch for a change!


  4. Mayor

    I should joke about this but I won’t. How has the coach who disciplines his player lost control of his team? Is Bama or Georgia more of a team of thugs because Saban or Richt got rid of bad apples on their respective teams? Is UT more noble and less of a team of thugs because Sgt. Carter and his predecessor basically let the inmates run the asylum and do NOTHING when players beat people up (including a KnoxVegas police officer)? Methinks that the stupid media who always seem to get everything ass-backwards should STFU about coaches and player discipline and concentrate on what they do best–cover Kim Kardashian’s bras and bikinis.


  5. as I stated at 4:42 via the twitterverse Dave Marler
    @DanWolken @jzenor and yet we hear crickets from @KirkHerbstreit who was quick to condemn Mark Richt not so long ago. #WWLBias

    I know I am preaching to the choir but it sickens me to no end how the WWL makes or ignores the news, depending on which fits the narrative of the day, rather than simply reporting the news.


  6. Herbie knows better than to interfere with the Nicknic cleansing process


  7. I can’t decide. Has Richt, or Saban, lost control of the Tuscaloosa Police Department?


  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Aaron Hernandez Herb?


  9. PansyTheDawg

    Mike&Mike and PTI also discussed the Alabama thing. I thought PTI did a good job.


  10. Z-Dawg

    I hate to drudge up this whole thing again but if the girl that got beat up had just Internet stalked her friends a little more the Tyren Jones arrest doesn’t even get a bleacher report article.


  11. Hop Slam

    Why the hell does it matter what Herbie thinks? Don’t put too much stock in the inconsistencies of mouthpieces on TV.


    • It matter what Herbie thinks because the WWL drives the agenda and stories in CFB. He’s the face (and the voice) of Disney’s college football empire as their #1 analyst and the “most respected” of the opinion voices on College GameDay.