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If you build it, they will watch.

From the department of the more, the merrier: Four new bowls apply for 2015-16 certifications, potentially bringing total to 43.


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“This is Todd Gurley’s only Georgia Appearance!”

Presented without comment.

Well, except I’m kinda surprised they’re promoting this with a picture of Gurley in a Georgia jersey. I thought only the schools could do that. 😉

Nice typo, by the way.



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“The charges against Taylor will be reviewed at a later time.”

Boy, that didn’t take long.

So, does Saban give Taylor a mulligan now?  And how long before the false reporting to law enforcement charge gets buried?

Kabuki theater, with a badge and court.


UPDATE:  Yeah, this is real cut and dried.


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Grantham, Harvey-Clemons and the “S” word

You knew he’d say it:

“I have no trouble standing up for him because I do believe he’s a solid kid. I think as you move forward in life, you’ve got to learn from your mistakes, and I think sometimes you’ve got to give kids a second chance, and I think he’s earned the right for that chance and what he’s done so far. I never had any issues with him when I was at Georgia from the accountability for meetings or practice or anything like that, but at the same time, you do have to go through a maturity phase as far as understanding the decisions you make, there’s consequences for them. He’s really matured, and I’ve been very proud of that. I’m really excited for him to play this year and get back on the field.”

It’s amazing what great humanitarians these coaches are.  Makes you wonder why this guy has such a bug up his ass.  Doesn’t he realize it’s always about the kids?


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Jeremy Pruitt, still GATA

Two great quotes from spring practice about the secondary…


… As the Dawgs worked on defending short out passes, Pruitt raced away from the group he was tutoring and ripped into a player from another group that he noticed giving less than exemplary effort. “You’re pussy-footing,” Pruitt yelled. “I don’t want to see no pussy-footing!” With still another who showed improper technique, he called the guy back to his starting spot and patiently demonstrated the correct way of doing things.


“We all are comfortable. But we still don’t know who’s going to be put where,” Bowman said. “So we’re just working it out right now.”

If that doesn’t sum up life under Pruitt, I don’t know what does.


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The education of Jake Ganus

Had a big day at Saturday’s scrimmage, but you have to admire his honest self-assessment as someone raw whose technique is being polished by Coach Ekeler.

He’s a confident kid.  Which is not to say he doesn’t know what he’s going up against every day in practice.

“I think there’s a difference in depth,” he said. “There’s players at UAB that can play anywhere in the country, and you can see that from where they landed. But I think overall, just the speed, size, strength, it is different. It’s why Georgia is in the SEC and why they compete every year in the SEC, because they have the speed, the size and the talent to do that.”

Any reason to think inside linebacker isn’t another fluid spot on the roster right now?


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Wednesday morning buffet

Saban free.


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