Jeremy Pruitt, still GATA

Two great quotes from spring practice about the secondary…


… As the Dawgs worked on defending short out passes, Pruitt raced away from the group he was tutoring and ripped into a player from another group that he noticed giving less than exemplary effort. “You’re pussy-footing,” Pruitt yelled. “I don’t want to see no pussy-footing!” With still another who showed improper technique, he called the guy back to his starting spot and patiently demonstrated the correct way of doing things.


“We all are comfortable. But we still don’t know who’s going to be put where,” Bowman said. “So we’re just working it out right now.”

If that doesn’t sum up life under Pruitt, I don’t know what does.



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18 responses to “Jeremy Pruitt, still GATA

  1. Hogbody Spradlin

    Does Pruitt watch his language?


  2. PansyTheDawg

    I graduated from a tyrannical fundamental Baptist school. The pastor of the school was also my football coach, and he said that all the time. He’s the worst preacher since Jim Jones. Go Rams!


  3. Cojones

    I like Pruitt’s approach in coaching these young men. Sting their ego in front of everyone if they need it and be a tutor when they need it. Growing egos is a touchy problem, but indecision and lack of self-confidence on the playing field is the overriding negative that needs adjustment with a heavy hand at this stage of football.


    • The 984

      Rip into guys who aren’t giving their all. Coach up guys who need help with technique. Seems like a good way to do it to me.


  4. ugadawgguy

    It is going to be a sad day in Athens when Pruitt moves on, presumably to a head-coaching job elsewhere in the south.

    And I can’t imagine that day is more than eighteen months away, at the most.


  5. Reservoir Dawg


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Didn’t George Carlin have a routine about pussyfoot?


  7. Often times, it’s the guys with the biggest egos who slack in the effort department. Public shaming is generally the best way to combat that, IMO. Pulling a guy who genuinely needs coaching is also best. I like it. Fire and brimstone is 100% of the time isn’t very efficient.