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So… who’s playing linebacker?

The last third of Seth and Gentry’s latest podcast has an interesting discussion about the defense.  Estes, in particular, asks a good question that I wouldn’t be surprised to learn Pruitt might consider at some point:  if Georgia’s best four linebackers are all OLBs (Jenkins, Floyd, Carter and Bellamy), how tempting is it to get all four of them on the field at the same time at the cost of deploying a formation that doesn’t include any of the current ILBs?

Don’t get me wrong – this isn’t a suggestion to play the four all the time, or even a majority of the time.  But is it that much of a stretch to consider regularly occurring situations might exist where that configuration might be Pruitt’s best option?



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Doesn’t stink as much as you think.

CBSSports‘ Jerry Hinnen, Chip Patterson, Adam Silverstein and Tom Fornelli rank the 66 Power Five head coaches and Mark Richt comes out seventh on the list.

When it comes to Richt, people spend too much time focusing on what he hasn’t done rather than what he has accomplished. The man has coached 184 games with the Bulldogs and he’s won 136 (74 percent) of them. He’s won two SEC titles (the only two Georgia has won in the last 32 years) and six SEC East crowns. The only thing he’s been guilty of has been coaching in a conference that’s been the home of some of the best coaches and teams in the country the last 20 years.  [Emphasis added.]

I’ve said this before:  the biggest problem with people finding fault with Richt is the perception that Georgia is a better program than it has been, historically speaking.

Look at that list and tell me who you think could be drawn to Georgia to improve the program to a level it’s never previously occupied. And why.  Because that’s really what you’re looking for.


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Can you move on when you never really started right in the first place?

The sound of a man washing his hands of a matter:

Alabama head coach Nick Saban declined to discuss specifics when asked Monday about the vetting process for Taylor.

“I’m not really going to answer all those questions,” Saban said. “I spoke to everybody that had an opportunity to give us some idea of what kind of young man that Jonathan Taylor was. And is. And you know, I still think he’s a good person, I think he has a problem and a circumstance that is not acceptable. And that is his problem. And he has been certainly dealt with relative to this problem.”

The thing is, Saban didn’t talk with Mark Richt about Taylor.  He didn’t talk with the DA’s office prosecuting Taylor’s case. He didn’t talk to the UGA Police Department, either.  But you know who did?

The University of Alabama Police Department obtained and reviewed photographs that detailed Jonathan Taylor’s 2014 alleged aggravated assault in Athens, Ga., before Taylor enrolled at UA in January…

…According to emails obtained via a public records request, in the weeks leading up to Taylor’s arrival at UA, Lt. Eric Dellinger, a UGA Police Department spokesman, sent an internal email on Dec. 18 regarding a phone call he received from UAPD Assistant Police Chief Lee Harris.

Dellinger wrote that Harris “indicated that Mr. Taylor was possibly about to be a student with them and wanted to speak with someone who was familiar with his history here at UGA.”

Later that day, Lt. Jeff Hammock of UGAPD’s Criminal Investigations Division emailed Harris photographs from the July 22 domestic violence incident involving Taylor. The incident report from July, which was emailed to UAPD soon after the photographs, cited the victim having “visible scratches and red marks to her neck and bruises on her arm and leg.” The report stated that photographs were taken of the victim’s injuries once police arrived on scene…

So Saban didn’t even bother to check to see that the local cops were doing a more thorough job of due diligence than the football program conducted.  You know, for a guy who is famously known for being as detail-oriented as they come, that sure is an interesting oversight.


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Jim Harbaugh, Gus Malzahn would like for you to take your carpetbagging ass out of his backyard.

I can’t believe Corch hasn’t taken advantage of those poor ol’ SEC coaches yet.



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