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Who are these people paying Brian Schottenheimer?

Brian Schottenheimer hasn’t even coached a game at Georgia yet, and he’s already gotten a raise.

Butts-Mehre, I don’t know you anymore.  Not that that’s a bad thing.

Of course, what would really thrill me is if they had to renegotiate his salary upwards again before his contract ends.



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If you prick Will Muschamp, does he not bleed?

Sounds like Boom isn’t taking kindly to Jim McElwain’s suggestion that the offensive line cupboard was left a little bare.

Muschamp said he was unaware of McElwain’s comments, but Auburn’s defensive coordinator offered a strong rebuttal.

“He said he could coach a dog and win,” Muschamp said. “Heck, (does he) like the dog better than his players?”

Riiight.  Quoting the guy sounds totally unaware.

It’s a damned shame Auburn and Florida don’t face off this year.


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If I’ve heard the expression “How ironic that the NCAA” once, I’ve heard it a thousand times.

And it’s always true.


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“That moment there, I can’t even describe it.”

If this Red and Black story on Kirby Choates doesn’t touch you, turn in your Dawgnation membership card at the counter on your way out.


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Making the Sale

If this keeps up, I foresee a lot more word play in the future for Rob Sale’s last name.

That is some strong recruiting work in a short period, folks.

Of course, that’s only half the question.  The other half is how well the man can close the deal… er, coach.

He’s on the Georgia staff, so it’s no surprise that he’s using spring practice to indulge in a little mad scientist work of his own.

The center position trial is the big issue and the tea leaf reading indicates that Isaiah Wynn may be nudging his way into the lead position there.

… Offensive line coach Rob Sale told reporters after practice that Isaiah Wynn would work again at first-team center in Saturday’s scrimmage. … Sale said that redshirt freshman defensive lineman Lamont Gaillard got looks on offense Thursday and that Hunter Long (three inside positions) and Kendall Baker (right tackle) are the top reserves right now.

Obviously, there’s still a way to go.  But if Sale can coach ’em up as well as he appears to be able to bring ’em in, I can see why they broke the bank, relatively speaking, to get him to come to Athens.


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Lawyer be lawyerin’.

Well, according to Kim Stephens, Jonathan Taylor’s defense attorney, Nick Saban conducted an “extraordinary thorough” vetting process before admitting his client to Alabama.

How extraordinary?  Extraordinary enough that if Stephens’ story is accurate, Ken Mauldin, who is the ACC DA, and Mark Richt stretched the truth about being contacted by Saban or his representatives about Taylor.

There’s no point in jumping to conclusions now – this situation has had more than its share of twists and turns, for sure – but even if Alabama’s made a final decision against Taylor’s continued enrollment there, it’s surprising that Saban didn’t respond publicly to challenge the claims of no contact by Mauldin and Richt if Alabama did in fact reach out to them.  Or, if not call the two out in public, speak privately with Richt to point out that Alabama did try to speak with him in order to get Richt to correct the public record.  But maybe Saban doesn’t have time for that shit.

Or maybe Stephens is just relaying what he thinks/hopes happened as opposed to what he knows.  Beats me.  Though a defense lawyer’s gotta do what a defense lawyer’s gotta do.


UPDATE:  There’s a interesting note from this piece about Saban’s kinda, sorta mea culpa.

Saban was aware of Nawab recanting her accusations when he stepped to the lectern for his news conference Monday, the coach told ESPN.com.

So at least Saban and the UAPD are talking with each other again.  I was worried about that.


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“Where there’s a cluster, you cluster.”

And the CFP selection committee, to what should be absolutely nobody’s surprise, has decided to cluster on a weekly basis again this season.

ESPN salutes the committee’s dedication.


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