“Where there’s a cluster, you cluster.”

And the CFP selection committee, to what should be absolutely nobody’s surprise, has decided to cluster on a weekly basis again this season.

ESPN salutes the committee’s dedication.


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5 responses to ““Where there’s a cluster, you cluster.”

  1. Russ

    How long before they start meeting during the spring so we can discuss the polls all year long?


  2. Uglydawg

    “Cluster” my eye.
    In the military, “Cluster” is an adjective usually followed by a noun beginning with the letter F. …The Phonetic Alphabet’s negative description of a situation or exercise’s being “A Charley Foxtrot”. Calling this a “cluster” just invites the addition of the second word whenever anything goes wrong…which it almost certainly sooner or later will.
    Why not just say they will “meet”?
    “Charley Foxtrot” should be lexicoined (I made that one up) to describe any meeting of “The Panel”.
    (although, I’ll admit that right up until the last and most important rankings, they got it mostly right)


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    Big surprise. The Charle Foxtrot will continue to provide the WWLoBS with weakly fodder to piss off half the nation’s college football fans who watch the WWLoBS other than Saturday (or Thursday or whenever).

    Just think of the mountains of product this will move, course that’s not important.


  4. Mayor

    There is no reason for this panel to exist except to “fix” who plays in the playoff. Everything they do can be done better by preseason data input into a computer without the computer knowing the identities of the teams thereby preventing even the appearance of impropriety, not to mention actual impropriety (like what happened to TCU last year). When the panel members know who the teams are when doing the selections bias (regional, conference, state, personal, etc.) will inevitably enter into the equation.