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“I was just told to stay away from this.”

At the time, I found it a little strange that Garrick McGee chose to abandon a head coaching position at UAB to reunite with Bobby Petrino as his offensive coordinator and to make the move without telling his players first.

I don’t find it strange anymore(h/t)


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The incredible shrinking ‘Bama backfield

Man, so how bad is it at running back at Alabama, with Bo Scarborough going down with an ACL injury?  This bad:

Three of the five remaining running backs behind Henry and Kenyan Drake on Alabama’s spring roster are walk-ons. Another — DeSherrius Flowers is a true freshman. The other — redshirt freshman Ronnie Clark — has rotated between defensive back and running back during his Tide career and is coming off of an Achilles tendon injury he suffered last year.

No, that’s not as dire a situation as Aaron Murray faced handing off at mid-season in 2013.  But it’s still amazing to consider how much of the incredible depth at the position Saban had built has melted away… without resorting to roster management.



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Another scrimmage. You know what THAT means.

Based on today’s stats, Nick Chubb has lost his starting job.


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One week ’til G-Day

Just in case you need a reminder for an excuse to visit Athens in the spring.


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