The incredible shrinking ‘Bama backfield

Man, so how bad is it at running back at Alabama, with Bo Scarborough going down with an ACL injury?  This bad:

Three of the five remaining running backs behind Henry and Kenyan Drake on Alabama’s spring roster are walk-ons. Another — DeSherrius Flowers is a true freshman. The other — redshirt freshman Ronnie Clark — has rotated between defensive back and running back during his Tide career and is coming off of an Achilles tendon injury he suffered last year.

No, that’s not as dire a situation as Aaron Murray faced handing off at mid-season in 2013.  But it’s still amazing to consider how much of the incredible depth at the position Saban had built has melted away… without resorting to roster management.



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14 responses to “The incredible shrinking ‘Bama backfield

  1. I don’t think anyone is worried about who’s behind Henry & Drake. That’s like worrying about the Todd Gurley & Nick Chubb backups.


  2. joe

    That’s why you have to keep bringing those stud rbs in. we went from gurshall to grouglas in the blink of an eye and it cost us at least 2 games that season. Even now, we have to have concerns about chubb going down, because marshall, Michel and Turman have all had major injury concerns. it’s not far fetched to imagine tae crowder and brendan douglas battling for snaps this november.

    The Bama situation reminds me of when usc got like 5 5* kids on the same roster and Joe McKnight was the only one who made a blip on the radar in college.


    • Mike Cooley

      Yeah whatever happened to Joe McKnight? I’m not getting too worried about Sony right now. But Marshall is snake bit on a Kreg Lumpkin level.


  3. Scorpio Jones, III

    One would suspect Bama will be able to field a team October 3.


  4. Debby Balcer

    Mark Richt is losing control of Bama’s roster management


  5. I thought our “terrible” S&C program was the only reason ACL injuries occur. I guess other programs have them, too.


  6. Granthams replacement

    Saban can’t oversign anymore so the program is coming back to earth. Compare the 2010-2011 versions of Bama, LSU, vandy and S. Carolina to current state, direct result of oversigning


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Another reason I wish we’d kept JJ Green around. He was a far better RB than DB. Considering Michel, Marshall and Turman were all injured or coming off injuries at the time he transferred (to gtu of all places), I’m surprised we didn’t put up more effort to keep JJ.