Doubt is a powerful thing.

Pity the poor Alabama defense.

“My friends, they’ll be talking stuff, like, ‘Y’all don’t look like the other teams used to look in ’09 and ’11,'” Ragland told on Thursday. “And Coach tells us people from the outside don’t believe we’re the same Alabama. We don’t play with the same intensity and tenacity.

“They’re not scared to play us any more.

It’s the type of feedback that stings, especially for a first-team All-SEC linebacker such as Ragland.

If Corch and Malzahn have really managed the feat of getting inside the heads of Saban and Smart, dare we hope that Georgia might be able to move the ball a little come October 3?  Or will they get their mojo back by then?


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3 responses to “Doubt is a powerful thing.

  1. Macallanlover

    I know UGA will be pumped for that game but this questioning of whether Bama can win a big one again, and regain their intimidating ways again, will be a factor. Both teams have a chance to come into “the spotlight” game of the early season with equal motivation of having something to prove.


  2. Uglydawg

    I don’t know if “Mojo” will help Alabama against an offense that will be as loaded as Georgia’s this year. If the Dawgs can eliminate the kind of player errors (fumbles on the 1) that handed the nerds an undeserved victory, they should be pretty close to impossible to shut down or even slow-down.
    Yep, that’s pure red cool-aid doing my talking, but ain’t it the truth?