The inherent educational value of second chances

If new SEC commish Greg Sankey is indeed this guy,

… Mr. Sankey, a bookish athletics administrator who was tapped last month to be the SEC’s next commissioner, was a safe choice to put on the stand. Thoughtful and erudite, he had represented his conference on many of the NCAA’s most important committees, helping it to establish stricter academic requirements for athletes and to determine penalties for programs that violate its rules.

The association needed Mr. Sankey to bolster the argument that, despite dubious academic behavior and cheating on some campuses, intercollegiate athletics has inherent educational value, providing opportunities for many students who otherwise might not have access to higher education.

maybe someone can put the question to him at SEC Media Days as to how numerous conference schools being willing to consider giving Jonathan Taylor a third chance fits into his vision of intercollegiate athletics.


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4 responses to “The inherent educational value of second chances

  1. Really his 4th chance, he had 2 chances with UGA, (check cashing thing and domestic violence)


  2. Uglydawg

    “Hey, You!” is the sound you hear coming from the bottom of the “Chance Barrel”. (understand that the “H” is silent).


  3. Cojones

    J.T. is our stalking horse for the most panicked program that wants to take the hit for domvio enabling and to be known as the lowest turd in the punch bowl.