Keeping up with the Sabans

Anthony Dasher has an informative piece up about how Georgia’s approach to recruiting has changed over the past couple of years.

“Aggressive” is the key term.  And that starts with the pace of making offers.

Although the exact totals are not quite clear, as recently as two years ago Georgia would average less than 100 offers per year. Currently, the Bulldogs have over 150 offers out for 2016 and 57 on the table for members of the 2017 class.

According to Bulldog recruiting coordinator Bryan McClendon, the sudden increase in offers not by accident.

“I think it’s just where recruiting has gotten. You have to jump out there and really be a year ahead in the evaluation process than the way things used to be,” McClendon said. “Once you pass guys on their evaluations there’s no reason to hold back, to be honest with you. But in doing that, you have to be a lot more sure on a guy and you’ve got to be more sure on a guy in what you think he can be down the road as far as growth potential and things like that.”

There’s more.  Give it a read.



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12 responses to “Keeping up with the Sabans

  1. No One Knows You're a Dawg

    Hard to think of any recent CFB assistant hire that has had as much effect on how a program conducts off-field business as Jeremy Pruitt.


  2. JJBA's Friend

    Win at all cost.


  3. Francis Ethelbert Sharkey, CPO

    PRUITT! PRUITT! GATA!!! GATA!!! 2nd Coming of ERK!!! GATA!!! GATAAAAAAA!!!!!


  4. Hogbody Spradlin

    If we have 150 offers out for 2015, then Bama will have 300 out. They’re like the Royal Navy in 1905. Must be as big as the next 2 put together.


  5. timphd

    Let’s give BMac some credit too. He is a big step up from Rodney as a recruiting coordinator. Seems his promotion coincides with the change in approach too.