Mike Gundy is a man! A man who’s taken an Econ 101 course.

I don’t know if you caught this quote from Mike Gundy in Carvell’s piece about the Roquan Smith signing, but, well…

“… Our game is changing. I’ve used the term in the last few months that essentially college football at your big schools in the Power Five conferences — it has turned into the NFL. There’s just an unbelievable amount of the money with the television contracts with the conferences. The coaches – all of us are way overpaid. But it’s all set up on market value and supply and demand. And the time that we live in now with the cost of living and the potential gaming rights, it is all changing considerably. And I’m not sure that really anybody really has a grasp with what direction it’s going to go. It’s going to be interesting over the next few years when they try to weed through all these different ways with people signing and not signing, and the different variables that have evolved with the amount of money involved in the game…”

I bet he won’t be on the NCAA’s witness list at the next antitrust trial.


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14 responses to “Mike Gundy is a man! A man who’s taken an Econ 101 course.

  1. The Man has a point.

    Oh, and that Reshad Jones hit was clean. Personal foul my ass.


  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I am a man, an overpaid man, but I still cash the checks. I am not an economist but I make more than enough money to hire one.


  3. Sure he will, but as an adverse witness …


  4. DugLite

    I went to that game. I should have realized that the fix was in for OkieSt to win being the first game in the newly revamp Boone Pickens stadium. The PF call was bullshit and their star receiver, I cannot remember his name, was declared ineligible later that season, or maybe even after the season, for NCAA violations.


  5. Frank Dawg

    He’s speaking the painful truth.



    I still like the fact that both teams had the cojones to play the games home/home. Take a look around, not many of our Rivals will do this.

    I know, I know, thread hijack…but it’s the truth…is it smart? Who knows..I enjoyed the games myself.


  7. Bright Idea

    Most out of shape team in UGA history. Started 2nd half with bunch of guys in locker room getting IVs. Locker room was up a long flight of stairs. Couldn’t see a big part of field from upper deck. Hot, miserable day.


  8. 69Dawg

    At least he admits he is overpaid.