The genius and “That Coach”

Proving there’s a first time for everything, here’s a Paul Johnson story I actually enjoyed.

What Southern feared most was a repeat of the man referred to throughout Statesboro as “That Coach,” Brian VanGorder. The current Notre Dame defensive coordinator was GS’ head coach in 2006. He dumped tradition — the triple-option, the buses, etc. — in favor of appealing to top recruits.

The move infuriated Johnson, who wanted his Navy program to schedule Southern so he “could beat ‘That Coach’s’ ass,” as the story goes.

“Oh yeah, it really sounded sexy when someone came in and said they were going to throw the ball all over the field, until they didn’t win any playoff games and started losing five, six times a season,” Johnson said. “Then it wasn’t so much fun.”

If you’re gonna break something that wasn’t broken in the first place, you’d damn sure better fix it.



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  1. @gatriguy

    Fish fry will get his chance this year, so we’ll see.


  2. Borodawg

    It was not pretty when “that coach” was here. He had an extraordinarily HUGE ego. He referred to alumni as “those people”.


  3. Hah, personally know Terry Harvin.

    Van Gorder did as good as anyone could have to pull that team back from the way it was before VG got there. Plus VG only took the job to be under Erk’s wing and everything he did was with Erk’s guidance and blessing. When Erk
    died, the A-holes in the GSU AA went all McGarity on VG. VG left. Hatch comes in and the A-holes go McGarity on him as well.

    Johnson is just a Termagant and is jealous that Erk ever took Van Gorder under his wing.


  4. anything or anyone that chaps Paul “little” Johnson’s ass is fine by me. I expect ND will put a porn stash whoopin on the bees


  5. W Cobb Dawg

    Mighty big talk from a double-chinned fat man.


    • Sure but it’s par for the course from a termagant.


      • A show of hands please. Did anyone else have to look that up?
        BITD we just used the word “Bitch”.

        First time I saw this was at the Palace Theater. Parking garage sits there now. There were plans to build a condo there. Hot shots from Florida. They tried to purchase the Commerce Building too. Athens Real Estate Foundation took an office there. Commerce Building. Tallest building in Athens is now called “The Fred Building.” NO COMMENT>
        Show of hands. How many of you ever saw a movie there (Palace)? Bernie I can’t count your vote cause you worked there. lol.

        If Georgia Theater was Athens first and Palace was #2… what was the third theater in Athens? Show of hands you Paris Adult fans.


        • gastr1

          More laughs on this thread than anywhere outside my last visit to StingTalk.


        • doiknowu

          I worked at the Paris Adult while in school. When on projector duty I would put a nickel in the film spool near the end of the reel so that it would fall out and hit the table. The noise would alert me the change was about to happen and I would stop studying to get it done. Great job until we got busted for The Devil in Miss Jones/Behind the Green Door. Had to tread a little lightly for a bit after that.

          Actually, all the cops got free admission, and they didn’t really want to bust us. Just business, they said. They were actually pretty good about it. They made sure that only the manager got picked up; they let whoever else was on duty sneak out with the paying customers.

          Great times!


  6. Bulldawg165

    Folks really don’t like BVG? Odd, as we haven’t fielded a consistently good defense since he left.


  7. Uglydawg

    I did look up “termagant”. It’s going into my vocab because it’s a great, descriptive insult that will hopefully go right over a termagants stormy head. One can always say it’s a cross between a termite and a gnat.