“We aren’t done rotating. We are still learning.”

The upside to a quarterback battle is that competition (hopefully) brings out the best in the competitors.

The other side of that particular coin is that everyone else has to spend a lot of time adjusting.

Not having an official starting quarterback is a challenge for the Georgia football team.

Beyond the endless questions on the competition, as well as the looming sense of panic coming from an anxious fan base, the players on offense have to constantly adjust to different cadences, directions and throws coming from the three quarterback candidates.

Sure, you can argue that’s a feature, not a bug.

The quarterback competition doesn’t appear to be ending anytime soon and could dabble on into the regular season. But there is a reason for keeping the competition open and ongoing. The uncertainty at the position forces players to constantly adjust, something that both players and coaches have to do over the course of a game.

But that does make you wonder if it’s been a factor in the less than smooth road the wide receivers group is taking so far in the spring.  And as far as adjusting goes, anybody besides me remember how long into the ’06 season it took the receivers to adjust to Stafford’s arm?

I don’t have a good answer here.  Except run the damned ball, Schottenheimer, maybe.



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23 responses to ““We aren’t done rotating. We are still learning.”

  1. Is Ramsey’s fastball as good as Stafford’s?


  2. Columbus Dawg

    Brice Ramsey has been at UGA nearly three years. Stafford was a freshman in 2006. NO comparison. Ramsey should be ready to go by now. He was a highly rated QB recruit, and competed at the Elite 11. Just running Chubb into the ground will not get it done. it’s time for the coaches,(Richt), to earn his money and get RAMSEY ready to play SEC football. That is all.


    • Jack Klompus

      Ramsey, IMO, was handed the 2015 job by Bobo in the middle of last season. Even Mason made comments that led me to believe that Bobo didn’t always have his back and probably had a preference for Ramsey over him. Obviously, if there is talk of it going into the regular season, there is a real competition at QB and you can’t tell me that Faton improved so much in 3 months that he caught up to Ramsey. It leads me to believe that Ramsey was Bobo’s boy and that was the path he was going down no matter what.

      I agree he should be ready to go by now, but maybe, instead of blaming coaching, he’s not the QB we all thought. Or perhaps Bauta was better than advertised and Bobo didn’t want him running his offense. OR, OR, OR…


  3. I think that one thing we have going for us is that we aren’t rising or falling on the qb position. Our offensive success is going to fall on the line and TBs. The QB’s job, if all goes well, is to not screw it up with turnovers. Having two different talent sets and each of them focused on protecting the ball as job one could be a real advantage. If you coronate one guy and he wilts, where do you go? I say that unless someone grabs the job decisively then go with two unless and until it becomes clear who your no. 1 guy is.


    • Hutson Mason

      “The QB’s job, if all goes well, is to not screw it up with turnovers.”

      “…focused on protecting the ball as job one could be a real advantage.”

      So what…you like me now??


      • Scorpio Jones, III

        You tell em Noodle…gone but not forgotten, there.


      • When he threw it to tech, he lost me forever. As far as I am aware, throwing a pick to tech on the last play of the game ain’t taking care of my football!


        • Hutson Mason

          So Chubb can fumble on the 1…he’s cool. I can engineer a last minute TD for the go ahead score with 18 seconds left…you don’t give me any credit.

          Dude..whatever I did to you personally…I am soooo glad I did it and it still burns you.

          Your Mom says hi.


  4. BigAL

    Wide receivers? We have wide receivers?


  5. AusDawg85

    Bobo didn’t have this problem…FIRESCHOTTIE!!11!!


  6. Lrgk9

    Like Richt said, ‘Those 150 lb 5’8″ receivers at Stafford’s HS didn’t have a problem catching Stafford!”


    • W Cobb Dawg

      Exactly right. Here’s the dumbest thing I’ve read today:

      “…the players on offense have to constantly adjust to different cadences, directions and throws coming from the three quarterback candidates.”

      1) for goodness sake it’s just spring practice. 2) More importantly, tOSU just showed that you may need your backup QBs. Instead of looking at the competition as an aggravation, maybe we should embrace the opportunity to get all the QBs some reps – we’re probably gonna need them some day.


  7. Austin

    Baunta with the read option. Hand to Chubb on the give, or to Marshall on the end around / sweep. Perhaps, he is going to keep it this time and run for seven yards again, because they are all squaring in on Chubb. Then again the second their guard is down he can toss a slant or post pattern to the TE on the zone read fake.


    • Merk

      Faton would give us the largest arsenal to work with by far. We would have the read-option and I-form for teams to prep against and could swap back and forth with the same personnel on the field. That is how you kill the D. They don’t know if we are about to line up for a power-run/PA or spread style run/pass. All he would need to do is be able to hit hand off the ball, hit screens to backs/WRs, and throw the occasional deep ball to keep safeties in check.


  8. Rival

    We need to run the ball like Bama!

    [Looks at 2014 stats of Amari Cooper]

    We need to throw the ball like Bama!


  9. Austin

    Just realized I put a “N” in Bauta. Jeez the lack of sleep over who is going to be QB must be getting to me. 🙂


  10. Rugbydawg79

    To Hell with Bama —we need to run the ball like GEORGIA–and play defense like the Ghost of Coach Russell is GATA


  11. Macallanlover

    And the adjustment downside to rotating is why we should not go beyond the second week in August before a decision is made. I agree with not rushing the decision in March/April, but early in fall camp is time to make the call.