“You can’t treat people this way.”

We’re getting used to these stories – Urban Meyer does a little roster management with a four-star recruit with a knee injury and the kid’s high school coach vows he won’t forget the treatment.

But honestly, Corch may want to think a little more carefully about what comes out of his mouth the next time he pontificates on the subject of Ohio State’s roster numbers.

“How aware am I of the roster? About as well as you can be,” coach Urban Meyer said on National Signing Day in February. “There’s a couple guys that you’re just not sure can continue playing. You have to just to be aware.

“But there’s also the truth that you don’t know for the next couple weeks, couple months, with these injuries what happens. So you have to prepare.

“But you also can’t do the unthinkable and that’s be stuck with 87 scholarship players come June or July.”

On the other hand, I guess the high school coach can’t say he wasn’t warned.



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  1. When you dance with the devil.


  2. DC Weez

    I’m sure that a-hole believes that the end justifies the means. I bet Corch will never run off some kid from Massillon.


  3. Cojones

    How many players on UGA’s roster? Can’t help but get the feeling we are headed for a hypocrite’s hoorah.


  4. Scorpio Jones, III

    Hey, don’t ya’ll be bitchin bout Dickhead…he wins national championships at multiple schools. Ask Aaron.


  5. Cousin Eddie

    Why should Urban treat them any different than the NCAA? It’s all about the kids, providing for the adults.


  6. JAX

    Senator you really have a thing for Meyer. My question is why? Is it as simple as “he’s a scumbag”? If so, fair enough.

    But let me remind you that he’s just won another title at OSU and has 3 to his resume. In terms of production he’s the best or second best coach in college football. Like him or not, he is a winner.


    • I have a thing for Meyer? Meaning, what, I shouldn’t comment on stories I read about him? Do the people who write those stories also have a thing about Meyer?

      I don’t think Meyer’s a particularly unusual scumbag, given his line of work. I do think he’s remarkably full of himself, even for a guy, who, as you note, has been remarkably successful.

      I’m glad he’s a source of admiration for you. I haven’t had much use for his personality since he went ballistic over the Celebration. But maybe that’s just me.


      • Macallanlover

        I didn’t know the “scumbag” portion was debatable, but clearly one the top two coaches is very subjective, as is the weight applied to winning subjective championships. Certainly having one of the best CFB players on his squad for four years boosted his numbers, much as having Herschel for 3 years did for Dooley. I wouldn’t want Corch as a HC for my school if he did it for free, but it seems some regard him from a very different perspective, and there is nothing wrong with that…just looks odd on a UGA blog. You are right Senator, his erroneous over reaction to The Celebration made him look like an immature 12 year old.


      • simpl_matter

        You also have a “thing” for Mike Gundy, Bert Bilemma, Hugh Freeze, Wil Muschamp, Nick Saban….damn man, what asshole don’t you have a “thing” for?!?


      • JAX

        It’s interesting to me that as a huge Dawg fan, a double-dawg nonetheless, I am able to somehow separate my hate for the Gators from being objective about the success of their program under Meyer. I never said I admired Urban Meyer (and you know that) but whether you like his reaction to the celebration or not, he did stomp our asses the next year. It infuriated me but instead of calling him names and ranting about him being an asshole, I simply tipped my cap to the Gators and said we’ll get you M’fers eventually. And we did. As you know, there is a difference between liking Urban Meyer and respecting him as a coach. Shoot, I dislike Paul Johnson and Tech, hate them hard, but they beat us last fall and I respect them for their effort. They never quit. I guess I’m old and wise enough now not to pout like a child.


    • Hogbody Spradlin

      I’m happy to admit a particular dislike of Corch Irvin Meyers. Success does not make him admirable or enviable. A jackass is a jackass, regardless how high he or she goes.


    • “My question is why?”

      Because he’s Irwin. Isn’t that enough?


    • 3rdandGrantham

      He’s one of the most well-known yet polarizing figures in CFB, and this a UGA/CFB blog. Not to mention him being a former coach at a rival school. So naturally he’s going to get a bit of attention here, and I don’t understand why that would bother you so much.

      Perhaps he should focus instead on the Idaho Vandals coach and his roster management machinations instead, which surely will propel his blog numbers to even greater heights. Or better yet, maybe something else outside of CFB altogether. After all, he does seem to really have a thing for the sport, the NCAA, and the like, so maybe diversifying a bit would be a healthy move for him. With that said, I propose the following teams/sports to cover:

      –Cricket (notably Sri Lanka and South Africa)
      –Gwinnett Gladiators
      –Spokane Shock (AFL)
      –Perth Glory (A-League soccer)


    • Thank you…but I don’t think any one here needs to be reminded of Corch’s successes Jax. In my part of town, you can’t throw a rock without hitting some carpetbagging, fan of Florida or THE OSU. They can’t seem to STFU about it. Irwin is a perfect representation of the NCAA. Both are incredibly tone deaf, waaaay too smug when things go their way…and off-puttingly pouty when things don’t. I think Da Corch sets a horrible example for players and coaches alike. Think of the class those Florida teams of his displayed. How “honest” he was with the whole “health scare” thing to escape a shitty situation of his own making? His new team will be no different. He can’t lose enough to suit me.


      • If only they hadn’t thrown Cam off the team for throwing a Dell, Irwin’s thirst would have been quenched and he would still be in Hogtown and still be paying CMR back for The Celebration dance off


        • Wagers has paid us back 10 fold.

          The real shame of it is, they only play 2 real games a year in the BIG. Barring some epic collapse or NCAA sanctions…1 of the 4 playoff spots looks to be locked up for a while. Hopefully Harbaugh gets up and running fast and hands Corch his hat for 5 or 6 years running.


    • AusDawg85

      Timeout Jax. Timeout.


  7. dawggonit

    OSU offered him a full scholarship to stay in school; which seems appropriate given that he’s likely to not be able to play football at the same level as before the two knee injuries (to the same knee). What would prevent him from walking-on and competing that way? I don’t see the fire here… the HS coach appears to be grandstanding.


    • I agreed with you initially when I saw the story. But if it’s true they had the kid checked out with Dr. Andrews who said he would be able to play by the fall, it’s not so cut and dried.


      • Cojones

        You both replied to my take. dawggonit says the treatment is not outrageous while Dr Andrews projects him back on the field before summer is over. The OSU doctor(s) states otherwise and have been saying this since January. Did Andrews examine him or is he stating the case for like injuries? A torn meniscus may be more problematic than an ACL. I’d like more details of why the OSU folks say it’s a medical disqualifier before indicting dickhead.


  8. The fact that he speaks of having too many scholarships as “unthinkable” tell you all you need to know about what’s more important at these big-time schools; athletics or academics.