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Save her a good seat at the presser!

Boy, talk about your sucking up from the Alabama press corps:

An argument can be made that Saban, Kiffin and Smart are the top head coach, offensive coordinator and defensive coordinator in college football. Not only does Alabama have the SEC’s best coaching staff, but led by those three, it has the most impressive collection of coaches in college football.

Throw in the Tide’s recruiting, and it’s a wonder Alabama lost a game last season.  Or ever, for that matter.

Of course, an argument could be made that she’s exaggerating.



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Come for the football. Stay for the seafood special.

Check out Brandon Kublanow’s epic troll of Jameis Winston:

That, friends, is priceless.  Literally.


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Jeb Blazevich has some advice for us.


The top storyline this spring has been the quarterback race.

“If the fans can figure it out, they should be paid to coach ‘em up,” tight end Jeb Blazevich said. “It’s hard right now. It’s splitting hairs. I feel like those guys are trying to do the same thing, they’re just trying to be the best that they can be.”

Shoot, Jeb.  There are plenty of fans prepared to offer their gifted insights free of charge.

How much does a QBR calculation cost, anyway?


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“We don’t want fat guys.”

Mark Richt is all in on fit and trim.  Or at least finding a happy medium.

In the offseason training program, Georgia did more running than any other year in Richt’s tenure, the head coach said this week. So more guys dropped weight, but some of them were asked to then put it back on in muscle mass.

“We’ve gotta get stout enough to stand up to teams we’ll play defensively and be able to move people offensively,” Richt said. “But I think we’ve identified the guys we want to gain the weight. We’ve still got one or two guys that might need to trim up a bit. But everybody who’s a little heavy is not far from their target.”

Yeah, yeah, Florida and Georgia Tech.  I get it.  Except I’d argue those games were as much about poor execution as about beef… more, really.

In those two bad games, the edges were as much the problem as up the gut. Georgia’s front was physically beaten too much, but the back was late to the ball and didn’t make plays.

“Two things can happen, really,” Richt said. “One is physically we get thrown around. And the other one is to maybe not make your run fits exactly as they should be, and then a big run spits out of there. There was probably a little bit of both in those games, with the amount of rushing yards that happened. The bottom line is, we’ve gotta be physical enough and play with good pad level and good fundamentals enough to keep from getting moved.”

Florida was a case of outside contain being poorly maintained (maybe more a case on occasion of not being maintained at all).  And while Georgia Tech was more about getting gashed up the middle, Johnson did a good job running his offense at gaps Georgia created with its line shifts.

If physical size were everything, then Georgia wouldn’t have gotten pounded like it did in the 2012 SECCG.  That was just a mashing.  It’s not every day you see a team convert a two-point play by running the ball up the middle.

It wasn’t that Jenkins and Geathers were stiffs; they were just worn down.  Which is why Mark Richt’s current attitude makes sense.  You can adjust your schemes mid-game.  There isn’t much you can do about durability once your linemen get winded.


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Friday morning buffet

Fuel up for a big weekend.

  • It’s not that I think the NCAA made a bad decision in Braxton Miller’s case.  It’s that I can’t understand why it can’t avoid nitpicking more often.
  • Okay, so there’s one thing that favors G-Day over the Masters:  at least nobody’s gonna confiscate your cell phone in Athens.
  • Here’s another example of how schools spend money promoting their academic mission.
  • Marshall and Hegedus may or may not play tomorrow.
  • Mark Richt feels like it’s his failure if he has to kick a player off the team.
  • Then there’s Chris Conley.
  • Interesting factoid“In 2015, the SEC does not have a single alum head coach and South Carolina’s Steve Spurrier (Florida) is the only one who even attended an SEC school.”
  • Good news on the Leonard Floyd front:  “Yeah, he should be full go in June, right in there,” Sherrer told reporters on Thursday. “Possibly before then. Just going off the time frame they said when everything happened. He’ll be fine this summer.”


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“Sooner or later, it’s gonna come to that moment of truth…”

And that’s what G-Day and QBR is all about, right?

Seriously, here’s another great video from Georgia that should help get you in the mood for tomorrow.

The game is not being broadcast live (you can watch on the Internet, or catch a replay on SEC Network Sunday night), so maybe you should think about getting your derriere to Athens.


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